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Confirmed: Dwight to Houston



It’s over guys. It’s finally over. -Tommy



BREAKING: Dwight Howard Changes Mind, Now Unsure of Destination


This is not a joke. Dwight Howard is meeting with the LA Lakers and it is now unclear where we will be signing. It appears Howard has changed his mind. Unbelievable. -Tommy Sources: ESPN, USA Today


BREAKING: Dwight Howard to Sign with Rockets


USA Today is reporting that Dwight Howard has decided to sign with Houston. This is consistent with what I had been hearing earlier in the day, and it seems like it could be confirmed soon. Howard joins a Rockets team that got rid of a lot of depth to pursue him. Jeremy Lin and/or Omer Asik could be on the way out if this is a sign & trade. -Tommy


Metta World Peace’s Epic Quote on Dwight Howard’s Future

“Well, he’s not going to Houston, I tell you that… You know how those horses have those little things, ties in a bullfight, you tie those things to their balls and they go crazy? I’ve got two of those tied to Dwight Howard’s testicles, so he can’t move… He can’t move. If he does, it’ll be painful. So he can’t go nowhere.”

—Metta World Peace, on Dwight Howard’s future.



According to sources (including ESPN and Yahoo’s famous “Woj”, the best source in the business), the Clippers and Celtics are “deep in talks” on a blockbuster trade. The trade would send Kevin Garnett and coach Doc Rivers (who would be released from his contract so that he could sign with Los Angeles) to the Clippers. It is not yet confirmed what Boston would be getting, but reports suggest that they would get DeAndre Jordan and 2 first-round picks. Some sources say that Celtics GM reportedly wants Eric Bledsoe in the deal, which is the last hurdle to be cleared before the trade is completed. It appears that Paul Pierce may be bought out so that he can sign with the Clippers as part of the package. Again, all that we know right now is that Rivers and Garnett, and POSSIBLY Pierce, would be heading to “Lob City”. It appears that Jordan and picks will be going to the Celtics. If Boston can get Bledsoe in the package as well, this becomes a fantastic deal for the Celtics. More to come.

UPDATE: Clippers looking to keep Bledsoe so that they can keep open the possibility of packaging Bledsoe and Blake Griffin for Dwight Howard (ESPN)

-Tommy Rothman


Could the Knicks do this Trade?

I was playing around with the Trade Machine and cooked up this deal. Check out the trade (click the image to enlarge), then read the explanation

Screen Shot 2013-05-26 at 7.10.08 PM

Houston and Dallas are both chasing Howard/Paul and need every bit of cap space they can get. But the Rockets have a lot of cap-clearing to do to make that happen; ESPN has reported that the Rockets would consider trading Lin/Asik to get the necessary cap room. In this deal, the Rockets save 5 million. They also escape the poison pill in Lin/Asik’s third year.
In this deal, Dallas saves 1.7 Million. They are VERY close to Paul/Howard-territory in terms of the cap, so that 1.7 M is a big deal to them.
Sacramento gets 2 young assets for free, a mentor for Cousins, and White (for what it’s worth). They would also probably get a 2nd rounder from Dallas, who doesn’t want the cap hit that comes with a 2nd round pick.
The Knicks get a big man who can rebound (Asik). We get a decent guard who can shoot (Delfino). Outlaw has SOME versatility and could help a bit. Cunningham is irrelevant, he is only here because Dallas wants to dump his salary. In exchange for taking on Asik’s pill, we might even be able to get Houston’s second rounder (34), and that helps Houston escape a cap hit. It is a fantastic deal for Dallas, a good deal for the Knicks (although i’d like to keep Novak), a good deal for Houston if they are serious about CP3/D12, and an OK deal for the Kings. And with any luck, Maybe Dallas swaps picks with us to help this deal go through, saving them money and moving us up 11 spots in the 1st round (Shabazz, anyone?).

And if this is too complicated, Dallas would probably give us a pick if we found a way to take Marion in a trade

By Tommy Rothman