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Sources: Chris Paul Will Stay With Clippers


Chris Paul wanted to be a Knick. The Knicks wanted Chris Paul to be a Knick. Unfortunately, thanks to some bad timing, the salary cap situation never worked out between the 2 parties. The Knicks signing of Tyson Chandler signaled a commitment to interior defense that cost them a reasonable shot of acquiring the All-Star Point Guard. 

Sources are indicating that Paul’s representatives have told other teams not to bother contacting the superstar out of Wake Forest once free agency begins, telling all interested GM’s that CP3 is off the market. Chris Paul, by all indications, will remain a Clipper. 

Was this Paul’s first choice? Probably not. But it was the most attractive option on the table for CP3. The acquisition of Doc Rivers seemingly sealed the deal. Move on, Knicks fans.

-Tommy Rothman




The Clippers and Celtics have agreed upon a trade that will send Celtics coach Doc Rivers to Los Angeles. Details are still being released, but it appears that in exchange for their highly acclaimed coach, Boston will receive a 2015 first-round pick. Sources have suggested that this deal will highly increase (and some have even used the word “guarantee”) the chances that Chris Paul will stay with the Clippers. -Tommy Rothman


Chris Paul, Metta World Peace, and others read aloud harsh tweets on Jimmy Kimmel

DeAndre Jordan’s critic looks pretty stupid now, doesn’t he?


How the Knicks can get Chris Paul (In a few simple steps)

Can the Knicks get Chris Paul without things getting very complicated? Yes. Here is how.

(By Tommy Rothman)

Step 1. Houston makes trade with Jazz to clear cap space

Step 2. Houston signs Chris Paul

Step 3. J.R. Smith invites Rockets GM Daryl Morey out for a night on the town (Clubbing).

Step 4. After both men consume copious amounts of alcohol and other brain-hazing substances, Smith calls up Knicks GM Glen Grunwald, who drives to the club to have a sit-down talk with Morey

Step 5. Morey and Grunwald consummate a trade in which the Knicks exchange Marcus Camby, James White, and Amar’e Stoudemire for Chris Paul and Chandler Parsons



Could the Knicks do this Trade?

I was playing around with the Trade Machine and cooked up this deal. Check out the trade (click the image to enlarge), then read the explanation

Screen Shot 2013-05-26 at 7.10.08 PM

Houston and Dallas are both chasing Howard/Paul and need every bit of cap space they can get. But the Rockets have a lot of cap-clearing to do to make that happen; ESPN has reported that the Rockets would consider trading Lin/Asik to get the necessary cap room. In this deal, the Rockets save 5 million. They also escape the poison pill in Lin/Asik’s third year.
In this deal, Dallas saves 1.7 Million. They are VERY close to Paul/Howard-territory in terms of the cap, so that 1.7 M is a big deal to them.
Sacramento gets 2 young assets for free, a mentor for Cousins, and White (for what it’s worth). They would also probably get a 2nd rounder from Dallas, who doesn’t want the cap hit that comes with a 2nd round pick.
The Knicks get a big man who can rebound (Asik). We get a decent guard who can shoot (Delfino). Outlaw has SOME versatility and could help a bit. Cunningham is irrelevant, he is only here because Dallas wants to dump his salary. In exchange for taking on Asik’s pill, we might even be able to get Houston’s second rounder (34), and that helps Houston escape a cap hit. It is a fantastic deal for Dallas, a good deal for the Knicks (although i’d like to keep Novak), a good deal for Houston if they are serious about CP3/D12, and an OK deal for the Kings. And with any luck, Maybe Dallas swaps picks with us to help this deal go through, saving them money and moving us up 11 spots in the 1st round (Shabazz, anyone?).

And if this is too complicated, Dallas would probably give us a pick if we found a way to take Marion in a trade

By Tommy Rothman

Report: Knicks’ Pablo Prigioni may return to Spanish league for his wife – CBSSports.com

New York Knicks‘ backup point guard Pablo Prigioni enjoyed a nice rookie season in the NBA at the young age of 35. He was a productive member of the Knicks’ second unit and had a great season shooting the ball. He made 45.5 percent of his shots and 39.6 percent of his 3-pointers. During the playoffs, he started 10 of the 11 games he played in and helped the Knicks advance to Game 6 of the second round.

Prigioni isn’t sure whether he’ll return to the Knicks next season. Marc Berman of the New York Post is reporting that it’s possible he’ll return to Spain to play professional basketball because his wife wants to be back there.

Point guard Pablo Prigioni faces a tough decision on whether to stay in the NBA or return to the Spanish League next season, because his wife, Raquel, wants to return overseas, according to a source.

Prigioni on Saturday continued to be noncommittal on whether he wants to return to the Knicks.

“I think it’s not the moment to talk about that now,” Prigioni said after the Game 6 playoff ouster. “It’s painful to lose. It’s painful to start the vacation now. This is about the team. Now I stay quiet.”

For More, click the link below (from CBS)

Report: Knicks’ Pablo Prigioni may return to Spanish league for his wife – CBSSports.com.