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Knicks’ Legendary Struggle Faces (GIFs)

Here are a couple GIFs which capture the Struggle from the Knicks’ blowout loss against the Suns tonight.


What’s that you say? These are from our blowout loss against the Lakers?


 Fair point. But what’s the difference? I’ll have some great GIFs from the Suns game to post if the Warriors kill us on Sunday…

-Tommy Rothman


Mike Woodson’s (fake) G-Mail Inbox

Take a look at this hilarious (but obviously fake) screenshot of Knicks Coach Mike Woodson’s g-mail inbox. Click HERE to zoom in and view Woody’s “inbox”, or just click the image below. -Tommy Rothman


Special thanks to Ben Tenzer for helping me turn my script into a realistic-looking inbox.

Note: As previously stated: This is a parody. This is not Mike Woodson’s actual inbox, obviously.

Jason Kidd spills his drink on the court… On Purpose? (GIF)


With 8 seconds left in the Nets-Lakers game and Lakers Guard Jodie Meeks preparing to shoot game-clinching free throws for Los Angeles, Nets Coach Jason Kidd spilled his drink on the floor, causing the game to be briefly delayed before Meeks hit his free throws to put Brooklyn’s comeback effort to bed. Why was Kidd drinking instead of drawing up a play? Was he trying to ice the shooter? What was in his drink? Who will drive him home? So many questions, and we’ll never have the answers… Or do we? Was this intentional? A video posted of the incident shows Jason Kidd apparently saying “Hit Me” to Taylor right before the spill…

UPDATE: Kidd has been fined $50,000 by the NBA.

NBA/NFL comparison

Metta World Peace Scene from the movie “All Wifed Out”

Who threw a drink on Metta THIS time?! Check out the Knicks’ very own METTA WORLD PEACE alongside rapper Eve in this hilarious clip from the new movie “All Wifed Out”.

Special Thanks to the producers of the film for sending this clip exclusively to New York Knicks Memes so that we could be the first to share it with everybody!

The movie is Available On Demand and iTunes HERE


Iman Shumpert and Kendrick Lamar to have a Rap Battle? Knick Responds to Rapper in New Track


After rapper Kendrick Lamar got the internet buzzing after calling out every relevant rapper from his era Monday Night, another rapper has decided he is up for a challenge. That rapper happens to be Knicks guard Iman Shumpert, a promising young athlete who has dabbled in the rap game as his “side hustle”. Shumpert recently scored a gig on First Lady Michelle Obama’s upcoming rap album (yes, that is happening, but Michelle will not rap on the album herself), and is clearly feeling pretty confident. Shumpert dropped his latest freestyle yesterday, and just announced that “He Will Respond” to Lamar’s aggressive comments toward other young rappers.

Shumpert ended up making a response track called “Dear Kendrick”. First, he tweeted this:


Then, he dropped this

And at the end of the song, he says he wants to be a Knick for life. So this was a pretty fun sequence of events.

-Tommy Rothman