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Mike Woodson’s (fake) G-Mail Inbox

Take a look at this hilarious (but obviously fake) screenshot of Knicks Coach Mike Woodson’s g-mail inbox. Click HERE to zoom in and view Woody’s “inbox”, or just click the image below. -Tommy Rothman


Special thanks to Ben Tenzer for helping me turn my script into a realistic-looking inbox.

Note: As previously stated: This is a parody. This is not Mike Woodson’s actual inbox, obviously.

A Petition for the Firing of Knicks Coach Mike Woodson


Mike Woodson is a good guy, but as I talked about in an article a couple weeks ago, he is not the right coach for this team. This has been made even more obvious in the past few games. The Knicks are 2-10 in their last 12 contests. Mike Woodson will obviously be fired at season’s end. Which is why the Knicks should just do it now. Click Here to sign a petition asking for Woodson’s removal as Head Coach. Spread it with your fellow Knicks fans if you believe in the cause.