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Mike Woodson’s (fake) G-Mail Inbox

Take a look at this hilarious (but obviously fake) screenshot of Knicks Coach Mike Woodson’s g-mail inbox. Click HERE to zoom in and view Woody’s “inbox”, or just click the image below. -Tommy Rothman


Special thanks to Ben Tenzer for helping me turn my script into a realistic-looking inbox.

Note: As previously stated: This is a parody. This is not Mike Woodson’s actual inbox, obviously.

Mike Woodson’s New Dance Move (GIF)







Wait… there’s more…


… And More…



It Was Fun While It Lasted: Coach Woodson Instructs JR Smith to Get Rid Of the Blond Hair


Sources are reporting that Mike Woodson was unhappy with JR Smith’s decision to dye his hair blonde, meaning that Smith will NOT be going with the Rodman/Metta look this season. No truth to the rumor that this decision was borne out of Woodson’s baldness-related envy of Smith.

But yeah, it was fun while it lasted, guys.

Screen Shot 2013-08-09 at 8.44.15 AM

-Tommy Rothman