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Where is the content?

Hey all, if you’re still checking you probably know there hasn’t been any content posted on this website in years. I think everybody already knows the following, but in case somebody is stumbling across this website, here’s a quick bit of info:


  • Knicks Memes is still very much alive! I stopped writing articles on the .com site (this page) a while ago (although that might change soon, more on that later in this post), mostly because Facebook started penalizing pages that posted links to other sites (and the articles from this site were mainly being spread as posts on the NYKM FB page). Things have shifted a bit back in the other direction more recently, but it’s still not as practical as it once was to focus on articles. I still post plenty, however. Which brings me to the next point:
  • The NYKM content goes on social media. NYKM was always social-first, starting with the FB page (which has the largest following), the Twitter, and the IG. The content that went here on this .com site was always a very small supplement to the social content. Again, though, FB algorithm changes forced me to change the way I operate. FB shows NYKM posts to a very small portion of the NYKM following, and that portion gets lower whenever a post does not do so well. Because it is less practical (and worthwhile) to post everything on FB, all content starts on the TWITTER page, then gets reposted to IG and sometimes NYKM. So if you want to keep up with all the Knicks Memes content, you should make absolutely sure to follow the Twitter, and for a slightly more curated landing spot (because I also post about non-Knicks stuff on Twitter, especially during the offseason), follow the Instagram as well.
  • With the above being said, I expect the FB page to make a pretty strong resurgence when the Knicks turn their fortunes around and get some good players this summer, and it will become practical for me to be more active on FB then, so keep an eye on that page.
  • The Knicks are going to get good again, soon. At least, I think so. As the summer draws near, I’ve grown more and more tempted to start writing some articles (as opposed to memes / witty comments). So there might be some actual articles on this site once again. But I’ll keep everybody posted on that front.
  • To summarize: If you’re looking to see what NewYorkKnicksMemes is about, don’t go here (for now), go to the Twitter & IG pages, and also give the FB page a look!

Like I said before, I think everybody already probably knows where the NYKM content is these days, but in case anyone who has lost touch says “I wonder what’s up with Knicks Memes these days,” I’m writing this so they don’t just type it into Google, land on the .com site without any recent posts, and think the page is dead!

Keep calm, Carry on, and Pray for Zion,

-Tommy Rothman




Young Knicks Fan gets Absolutely Destroyed by Knicks Center

As the Knicks ran onto the court before Saturday night’s game against the Wizards, one young fan who was lucky enough to be in the pregame high five line decided to get himself on TV to prove it.

Here is the link to the video

(Video embed not working for most people. Working on solving this.)

He also got himself all over the internet.

That ended well.

BREAKING: Knicks call up Jimmer Fredette


It’s Jimmer time.

The Knicks decided to call up sharpshooting point guard and folk hero Jimmer Fredette on Friday. Fredette had been averaging 22 points on the Knicks’ D-League team and was named the MVP of the D-League All-Star Game last weekend. Fredette was the NCAA Player of the Year and Scoring Champion in 2011, and was the 10th pick in that year’s NBA draft. Fredette, 26, is a New York native. He will be on the roster beginning Monday.


BREAKING: Knicks fire Derek Fisher


The Knicks have fired head coach Derek Fisher.

Fisher went 40-96 as the coach of the Knicks after signing a 5-year, $25 Million deal in 2014.

The Knicks have lost five games in a row and nine of their last ten, and are on the verge of falling out of the playoff race.

Kurt Rambis will serve as the interim head coach.

BREAKING: Knicks call up Thanasis Antetokounmpo


The Greek Freak’s brother is coming to the NBA.

The Knicks have signed Thanasis Antetokounmpo to a 10-day contract, and he will join the NBA roster on Friday. Antetokounmpo was selected by the Knicks in the 2nd round of the 2014 NBA Draft and has played on their D-League team in Westchester, waiting for his chance.

Thanasis’ younger brother Giannis is a rising star for the Milwaukee Bucks. Thanasis isn’t as skilled, but has incredible athleticism and a very high motor. He should make an impact on defense right away.

Kristaps Porzingis selected for All-Star Rookie-Sophomore Game


Kristaps Porzingis finished a bit shy of being voted in as an All-Star Game Starter, but he’ll definitely participate in at least one event in Toronto.

Porzingis was named to the Rising Stars Challenge, a game played on the first night of All-Star Weekend between the top rookies and sophomores in the NBA. Porzingis, who hails from Latvia, will play for the “World” team.

Will Porzingis be selected for a skills competition, the dunk contest, or some Saturday event? He’s a long shot to be named a reserve for the big game, but you have to figure the NBA would like to tap into his mammoth popularity with one more event.