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Sources: Chris Paul Will Stay With Clippers


Chris Paul wanted to be a Knick. The Knicks wanted Chris Paul to be a Knick. Unfortunately, thanks to some bad timing, the salary cap situation never worked out between the 2 parties. The Knicks signing of Tyson Chandler signaled a commitment to interior defense that cost them a reasonable shot of acquiring the All-Star Point Guard. 

Sources are indicating that Paul’s representatives have told other teams not to bother contacting the superstar out of Wake Forest once free agency begins, telling all interested GM’s that CP3 is off the market. Chris Paul, by all indications, will remain a Clipper. 

Was this Paul’s first choice? Probably not. But it was the most attractive option on the table for CP3. The acquisition of Doc Rivers seemingly sealed the deal. Move on, Knicks fans.

-Tommy Rothman

How the Knicks can get Chris Paul (In a few simple steps)

Can the Knicks get Chris Paul without things getting very complicated? Yes. Here is how.

(By Tommy Rothman)

Step 1. Houston makes trade with Jazz to clear cap space

Step 2. Houston signs Chris Paul

Step 3. J.R. Smith invites Rockets GM Daryl Morey out for a night on the town (Clubbing).

Step 4. After both men consume copious amounts of alcohol and other brain-hazing substances, Smith calls up Knicks GM Glen Grunwald, who drives to the club to have a sit-down talk with Morey

Step 5. Morey and Grunwald consummate a trade in which the Knicks exchange Marcus Camby, James White, and Amar’e Stoudemire for Chris Paul and Chandler Parsons