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The Clippers and Celtics have agreed upon a trade that will send Celtics coach Doc Rivers to Los Angeles. Details are still being released, but it appears that in exchange for their highly acclaimed coach, Boston will receive a 2015 first-round pick. Sources have suggested that this deal will highly increase (and some have even used the word “guarantee”) the chances that Chris Paul will stay with the Clippers. -Tommy Rothman



How the Knicks can get Chris Paul (In a few simple steps)

Can the Knicks get Chris Paul without things getting very complicated? Yes. Here is how.

(By Tommy Rothman)

Step 1. Houston makes trade with Jazz to clear cap space

Step 2. Houston signs Chris Paul

Step 3. J.R. Smith invites Rockets GM Daryl Morey out for a night on the town (Clubbing).

Step 4. After both men consume copious amounts of alcohol and other brain-hazing substances, Smith calls up Knicks GM Glen Grunwald, who drives to the club to have a sit-down talk with Morey

Step 5. Morey and Grunwald consummate a trade in which the Knicks exchange Marcus Camby, James White, and Amar’e Stoudemire for Chris Paul and Chandler Parsons



Can the Knicks get Chris Paul? Technically, Yes.

You down with O.P.P.?

Other people’s players?

Yea, you are.


So that is why—despite the Knicks turning in their best season since 1996 and grabbing their first Atlantic Division title since 1994—Knicks fans are quietly reliving their elementary school math classes. Adding two and two together, subtracting a long-term extension and calculating whether (and how) the Knicks can some way end up with Chris Paul.

The short answer is yes, it is possible, though highly improbable.

How improbable?

Paul would likely have to be willing to accept less than the $18.7 million max. salary he could earn under the first year of his new deal. The Knicks would have to give up several players they would probably rather keep, and the Clippers would probably have to agree to a trade that may not suit them.

Maybe all of the above.

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