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BREAKING: Garnett to Approve Trade, Join Brooklyn in Blockbuster Deal

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Kevin Garnett will approve the trade to Brooklyn and will become a Net along with Paul Pierce and Jason Terry. Brooklyn will send 3 first rounders, Gerald Wallace, Reggie Evans, Kris Humphries, and probably a bit more to Boston.


The Nets give up Wallace, Evans, Humphries for KG and Pierce and Terry. They allegedly win this half of the deal by a LOT, so they give up THREE 1st rounders to compensate. But do they win the player swap by THAT much? KG will get them 10 and 10 every night until he breaks down (which should be soon). But can’t Evans / Humphries do that? I think they can. And before you talk about KG’s Defense, Wallace was very good at defense too, and was tough like KG. Pierce is good but not great, and he and Joe Johnson could have problems with their similar styles… they both need the ball to succeed.  Pierce is also on his way out; he should break down VERY soon. Also, can these guys play for a coach who is THEIR AGE, who they were drafted basically at the same time as, and who they  were rivals against until like 2 weeks ago? And Terry seems pretty washed up.
Best case scenario for Brooklyn, they get a solid upgrade for ONE year. But I don’t think the upgrade is that great, and long-term, it’s definitely a bad trade. Not sure about the cap long-term, I have to look at that, but I don’t think Brooklyn made a very good deal… certainly nothing us Knicks fans should be worried about.



According to sources (including ESPN and Yahoo’s famous “Woj”, the best source in the business), the Clippers and Celtics are “deep in talks” on a blockbuster trade. The trade would send Kevin Garnett and coach Doc Rivers (who would be released from his contract so that he could sign with Los Angeles) to the Clippers. It is not yet confirmed what Boston would be getting, but reports suggest that they would get DeAndre Jordan and 2 first-round picks. Some sources say that Celtics GM reportedly wants Eric Bledsoe in the deal, which is the last hurdle to be cleared before the trade is completed. It appears that Paul Pierce may be bought out so that he can sign with the Clippers as part of the package. Again, all that we know right now is that Rivers and Garnett, and POSSIBLY Pierce, would be heading to “Lob City”. It appears that Jordan and picks will be going to the Celtics. If Boston can get Bledsoe in the package as well, this becomes a fantastic deal for the Celtics. More to come.

UPDATE: Clippers looking to keep Bledsoe so that they can keep open the possibility of packaging Bledsoe and Blake Griffin for Dwight Howard (ESPN)

-Tommy Rothman