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Knicks Will Have Toure Murry In Training Camp After PG Turns Down Miami’s Offer


The Miami Heat made a strong push for Toure Murry, but the D-League Stud and Summer League  Standout will be joining the New York Knicks in training camp in an attempt to win a roster spot. Murry looked very good in Vegas, and has produced throughout his career (at the lower levels), but has an uphill battle ahead of him as the Knicks already have several guards under contract. One person Murry will be competing with is Chris Smith, who signed with the Knicks on a non-guaranteed contract with a training camp invite this week. Murry also has to compete with free agent guards such as Rip Hamilton (who the Knicks might have interest in). And of course, Murry also needs to compete with bigger players, because the Knicks only have one roster spot left and definitely need more depth in the frontcourt. It’s always nice to keep somebody away from the Heat, and Murry has promise, but whether he makes the team remains to be seen

-Tommy Rothman


Rip Hamilton to New York? Knicks Might Have Interest


Veteran SG Richard “Rip” Hamilton is still a free agent, and it appears that the Knicks might be interested. Hamilton brings veteran leadership and a championship pedigree to the table, and his skill set, although diminished, would still provide a boost to the roster. However, the Knicks already have a ton of guards on the roster, so unless this is insurance for J.R. Smith’s knee, I don’t know how necessary it is to sign Hamilton. It seems more logical to give the final roster spot to a big man, but stay tuned. -Tommy Rothman