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LeBron James forgets what team he plays for (Video)

You’re not on the Heat anymore, LeBron. Don’t set picks for Norris Cole.

Remember that whole Free Agency thing? That essay you wrote?


Screen Shot 2014-10-11 at 7.05.05 PM

LeBron To Knicks In New “Path to Greatness” Mode of NBA 2K14


NBA 2K14 has a new mode called “LeBron’s Path to Greatness”, in which the user takes control of LeBron James’ career after this upcoming season. As is the case in real life, James can opt-in to his contract with the Heat, or sign with another team. The two choices in this mode are “Continue Heat Dynasty” and “Fantastic Journey”. In the first option, James stays in Miami. The latter option has James signing with the New York Knicks as Carmelo Anthony leaves for the bulls and the Wizards draft a kid touted as the next LeBron James (probably based off of Andrew Wiggins). After a few years in New York, LeBron heads back home to Cleveland. The user is responsible for LeBron’s Destiny. Will James win championships everywhere he goes, or flame out and finish his career with a “disappointing” 2 rings?


What makes this mode pretty weird is that LeBron himself (the cover athlete for the game) is the one narrating the game, as the voiceovers of the story lines are done in his voice. Can you imagine a superstar for an NBA team going into a studio and reading aloud a passage in which he leaves his teammates, for mass consumption? I am sure Pat Riley is thrilled.

Anyway, it is cool to see that NBA 2K14 is getting creative, even though they have no real competition on the market.

And it will be fun to have control over LeBron’s “career”. It would be a shame if he… signed with the Bobcats…

In real life, it appears that LeBron is giving the Knicks some consideration. Salary cap wise, if he opts out of his contract after this season, the Knicks would have to get very creative if they wanted to sign the best player in the league. but if LeBron opts in, plays one more year, and then becomes a free agent NEXT year, the Knicks would have a very good shot at signing him.

-Tommy Rothman

LeBron James, His Messed-Up Feet, and the Secret to Greatness


You already knew that Rajon Rondo was born with 6 fingers on each hand (which were removed when he was very young). These recent photos of LeBron James—and LeBron James’ feet— may make you wonder whether all NBA superstars have something crazy going on with their hands and feet. Older photos have shown that LeBron has some pretty swollen toes, and one picture from a few years ago made a few people think he has six toes on one of his feet. That does not seem to be the case, but anyway, it’s clear that LeBron has some messed up feet, which makes one wonder how he can dominate on the court… and sell all those shoes.

This photo makes it seem as if the condition of LeBron’s feet are deteriorating… older pictures were bad, but not this bad. Could this be the result of an on-court incident? Probably not, because David Stern would have kicked the offending player out of the league, right?

Are we “hating” on the best player of our least favorite team? Debatably. But come on… look at those feet!

UPDATE: LeBron has 2 rings and Melo has none, so LeBron has beautiful feet, according to Miami sources.


LeBron James Concedes Decade-Long Battle with Nature, Shaves Head


Male Pattern Baldness. It happens to the best of us. And apparently, to the worst of us. No word on whether he flopped when his barber’s razor touched his head. 

What does this mean for James’ headband? Here is an approximate calculation.



-Tommy Rothman

LeBron considering the Knicks? ESPN reports Superstar is thinking about joining Carmelo in 2015



Stephen A Smith said on ESPN Radio today that LeBron James has let word leak out that he will strongly consider joining the Knicks in 2 years. Smith’s reporting should always be taken with a grain of thought, but if LeBron is willing to opt-in to his contract for one more season after this year, it would enable him to become a free agent right when the Knicks have all of their contracts coming off the books. If James opts-out and signs another max deal this coming summer, the Knicks have no chance of getting him. If he opts in after next season, the Knicks will be one of the frontrunners in the chase for James as they can seek to unite him with Carmelo Anthony & others. Again, be wary of Stephen A Smith’s legitimacy, but stay tuned, because if LeBron is opting in this coming summer, the chase is back on in New York.

-Tommy Rothman