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Knicks Highlight: Derrick Williams puts in ALL of the effort

Derrick Williams put on the greatest display of determination you will ever see in a

regular season game:


The reactions of everybody involved as this play progresses are awesome.


GIF: James Harden doesn’t mind if the Knicks score

This is your monthly reminder that Melo is a better defender than Harden.hardengifHey James

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 11.20.18 PMThe ball is behind you, bud

GIF: JaVale McGee airballs free throw vs Knicks

Yes, good form JaVale! All your power comes from your toes.

javaelgifWait, no, that can’t be right…

mcgee-realityHe’ll get it eventually

JR Smith hits Glen Rice Junior in the balls (GIF)

Looks like there won’t be a Glen Rice III, am I right?

jr gif

The triangle is more complicated than I thought.

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 11.50.19 PM

^The moment before the crime