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LeBron considering the Knicks? ESPN reports Superstar is thinking about joining Carmelo in 2015



Stephen A Smith said on ESPN Radio today that LeBron James has let word leak out that he will strongly consider joining the Knicks in 2 years. Smith’s reporting should always be taken with a grain of thought, but if LeBron is willing to opt-in to his contract for one more season after this year, it would enable him to become a free agent right when the Knicks have all of their contracts coming off the books. If James opts-out and signs another max deal this coming summer, the Knicks have no chance of getting him. If he opts in after next season, the Knicks will be one of the frontrunners in the chase for James as they can seek to unite him with Carmelo Anthony & others. Again, be wary of Stephen A Smith’s legitimacy, but stay tuned, because if LeBron is opting in this coming summer, the chase is back on in New York.

-Tommy Rothman