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Carmelo Anthony reportedly threatens, curses out Tim Hardaway as Knicks chemistry begins to unravel

New York Knicks vs Los Angeles LakersAs the losses pile up, the Knicks are starting to lose their grip

After Tim Hardaway yelled at Carmelo Anthony to grab a rebound in the Knicks’ loss to Brooklyn last week, Anthony reportedly screamed at Hardaway, asking him “who the f***” he thought he was talking to, and threatening to beat his ass up in the locker room after the game. In an ugly report, ESPN’s Chris Broussard also details how several Knicks are frustrated with Anthony, Derek Fisher, and the triangle offense, and how trades could be on the way, especially when December 15th arrives, and players who signed new contracts over the summer are eligible to be moved. You can read Broussard’s entire report here, although it should be noted that it is often best to take his reports with at least a grain of salt. -Tommy Rothman


Knicks trade Travis Outlaw to 76ers


The Knicks have traded Travis Outlaw to the Philadelphia 76ers for Arnett Moultrie (who the Knicks released immediately after the trade). New York will also send over a 2019 2nd-round pick and the right to swap 2nd round picks in 2018. The trade makes room for Travis Wear on the Knicks’ NBA roster, and relieves New York of Outlaw’s $3 million salary while saving them another $4.7 million off of their luxury tax bill. The Sixers are expected to release Outlaw. -Tommy Rothman

BREAKING: Knicks, Kings agree to trade



The Knicks and Kings reportedly agreed to a trade on Wednesday that will bring Quincy Acy to New York. The Knicks will also receive Travis Outlaw in the deal, while sending Jeremy Tyler’s non-guaranteed contract, Wayne Ellington, and a 2016 2nd-round pick to Sacramento.

The Knicks had reportedly been eager to move Ellington, who they had received in the Jose Calderon deal. They had considered trading Pablo Prigioni just to get rid of Ellington, but when this deal popped up, they decided it was a better option. Prigioni reportedly still might be traded, but the Knicks are not “desperate” to move him. It is unclear why the Knicks did not just cut Ellington, but they are in that gray area of the salary cap world where saving a couple million  dollars here and there can open up some pretty sneaky options for further roster-building.

However, the Knicks are not directly dumping salary here. Instead, they are using their overall financial advantage, and the Kings’ deficiency in that area, to help make a deal happen. The Kings are expected to waive Tyler, and possibly Ellington as well (using the stretch provision), so this might just be a case of the Kings looking to save a bit of money and open up some roster spots.

Acy, 23, is an undersized power forward who makes up for his 6’7, 230 pound frame with his hustle, intensity, and athleticism. Acy, who was part of the Rudy Gay trade last season, has great leaping and dunking abilities, is a good rebounder, and has a decent touch on his jumper. He is probably a more polished version of Tyler, although he might have a bit less upside.


Outlaw, 29, signed a big contract with the Nets a few years back, which became a disaster after his game went into severe decline. Outlaw still has what it takes to be a pretty decent forward, but this is more of a “flier”, as Travis has to prove on the court that he can bounce back and regain some of his game.

I’m not sure what the exact reasoning for this trade is, but it seems like a pretty decent one. I’ll miss Tyler, giving up picks is annoying in general, and I had heard Ellington could shoot the ball, but I think we’re all really going to like Acy, who was a fan favorite back in Sacramento. And you never know about Outlaw. Let’s see if Phil Jackson has anything else planned.

-Tommy Rothman


BREAKING: Knicks, Mavericks agree on huge trade


The Knicks and Mavericks have agreed on a large-scale trade, according to reports.

The Knicks will reportedly send Tyson Chandler and Raymond Felton to Dallas, who will ship Jose Calderon, Samuel Dalembert, Shane Larkin, Wayne Ellington, and both the 34th and 51st selections in Thursday night’s NBA Draft to New York.

This seems like a really good trade for the Knicks. First, let’s be fair and address what they lost.

Tyson Chandler was our anchor in the middle for 2 years, before having a rough season in 2013-2014. Injuries and apparent lethargy made him seem like a shell of his former self. Dallas is hoping Chandler can bounce back and be the dominant force on defense and on the boards like he was in years past. Even if Tyson does return to his old form, Dallas didn’t get him for cheap.

The Knicks also sent out Raymond Felton in this deal. The Knicks had been trying to dump Felton’s contract, so many will view this as another “plus” in the trade for New York despite the fact that they are losing a player. However, Felton was good in 2012-2013 before his disastrous campaign in 2013-2014, and at his worst, he is still a solid backup point guard. Still, the fans and management had turned on him, and he had to go. The writing was on the wall for Raymond.


Now, let’s look at what Phil Jackson and the Knicks are receiving in this swap.

Jose Calderon is a solid point guard, an immediate upgrade over Felton. Calderon is also a good shooter, making him a good fit in Jackson’s triangle offense. Calderon is not a good defender, but should be an upgrade over Felton on that end of the floor.


Dalembert is a very good defender and a solid rebounder, but very weak on the offensive end. In many ways, he is a poor man’s Chandler. His inclusion in the deal will help the Knicks replace Tyson, if Dalembert can stay healthy.

Ellington is a good shooter and plays solid defense on opposing guards. He is a throw-in, but should be a good fit in Jackson’s system.

Shane Larkin was the 18th overall pick in last year’s draft, and the point guard, as you may recall, was one of the Knicks’ biggest targets until he was drafted 6 picks before New York came on the board. Larkin is a promising player who should be able to contribute on offense, although his small stature will hurt him on defense, where a penchant for racking up steals is his only area of strength.

And then, of course, the Knicks get the 34th and 51st picks in the draft on Thursday night. The Knicks could look to package the two picks for a 1st rounder, package 1 of the picks with the $1.4 Million they are legally allowed to trade (after having sent $1.8M to Toronto in the Andrea Bargnani trade) and upgrade that pick, or package both picks with the money to move up as far as they can. Of course, they could also use the $1.4M to purchase a third pick, or trade picks (and/or cash) for players. The Knicks now have some flexibility despite trading their original picks away.


Now, for the salary cap. This trade clears room for the Knicks right now, but they are still over the cap. Even when a team is over the cap, being as close to the cap as possible allows teams to pull off more types of transactions (such as sign-and-trades) under the complicated “new” CBA, and Phil certainly got himself some more wiggle room with this deal. If the Knicks want to get under the cap this season and make a run at some of the big free agents, they will probably have to ship out guys like Bargnani and Amar’e Stoudemire. Going forward, this trade actually increases New York’s cap commitment because Calderon had a longer and larger contract than Felton, but instead of burning money with Raymond, the Knicks are now paying a quality point guard (who they can always trade, if need be).


What does this mean for Carmelo Anthony? We’re not sure yet. This trade probably makes the Knicks better now, adds upside to the roster, gives them more room to make moves to improve in the future, and shows that, albatross contracts and foolish trades of the past be damned, Phil and the Knicks can, indeed, shake things up if they are so inclined. It remains to be seen how, if at all, this move and possible moves to come (as Jackson is rumored to be looking to continue shaking up the roster) will impact Melo’s thinking.


This looks like a good trade for the Knicks. It’s not official yet, but the two teams are in agreement and, barring a major turn of events, Phil Jackson has made a big splash with his first real move as Knicks President.

-Tommy Rothman







Beno Udrih Wants Out Of New York… And Chris Smith Wants Back In


Point Guard Beno Udrih has requested a trade, and the Knicks plan to honor his request, according to sources. Beno’s frustration seems to stem both from his lack of playing time and the seemingly disproportionate amount of blame he has received— particularly from Knicks Coach Mike Woodson— for New York’s struggles. 

I have a few thoughts about this. 

  • Awesome! A trade is coming! A change! Something to shake things up in some way.
  • Udrih has a legitimate gripe here, but I’m pretty sure you have to be at least “slightly above average” to demand a trade. It’s an unwritten rule. 
  • Udrih is decent, but if Woodson is never going to put him in, it’s not much of a loss. Just like Chris Copeland. 
  • Let’s hope this doesn’t completely screw with the team’s chemistry. For what it’s worth, Beno never seemed like the most popular guy in the organization.
  • Chris Smith is crazy.

What? How did Chris Smith get brought in to this? Well, some of you may remember Chris Smith’s tenure “with” the Knicks (and I use the term “with” very loosely). 

After the news broke about Udrih wanting a trade, a few people tweeted their (ludicrous) opinions saying that Chris Smith— JR’s younger brother who stood for all that had been wrong with this year’s Knicks until they cut him, and who was described by one NBA GM as the “worst player in the history of the summer league” (The SUMMER leagueI)– deserves a spot back on the team. These tweets included some harsh attacks on Udrih… and Smith retweeted them. Chris Smith re-posted the following tweets from fans about a player who had been his teammate (and his superior) 3 weeks ago. 


To recap: the first tweet is racist, cruel, and absurd. The second tweet is just absurd. The third tweet has nothing to do with any of this, but Chris Smith would apparently like to remind all of his followers that he is a proud member of the NBA D-League. 

Chris Smith’s judgement and appreciation for people who have given him opportunities in the pst are clearly very flawed. 

It’s hard to think of a logical defense for how poorly Smith has handled this situation on social media.

Runs in the family. 

-Tommy Rothman


Knicks, Raptors discussing Kyle Lowry trade


The Knicks and Raptors are discussing a trade that would send Kyle Lowry to New York. The Knicks’ latest offer is Raymond Felton, Metta World Peace, and a 2018 first round pick for the 27 year-old Lowry, who is averaging 14.6 points, 6.7 assists, and 3.8 rebounds, and 1.8 steals per game this season. 

Knicks fans have long complained about the lack of a dynamic point guard, and the grumblings have grown louder this season thanks to Felton’s injury and resulting poor level of play. Felton will miss the next 2-3 weeks with the hamstring problem which has been ailing him, but as the Raptors are trying to set themselves up to “tank”, this seemingly will not be a roadblock in negotiations. I would like to see the Knicks keep a draft pick for once, but a draft pick 5 years down the road, an injured point guard in Felton, and an aging, deteriorating Metta World Peace wouldn’t be too much to give up for Lowry, especially considering that the Knicks would gain a bit more payroll flexibility. If the Knicks can manage to bring in a point guard without losing Iman Shumpert or Tim Hardaway Jr., that doesn’t seem like a bad deal.

-Tommy Rothman