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Quincy Acy Dunks, Celebrates, then Remembers how bad the Knicks are (VINE)

Charlotte Hornets v New York Knicks  508084169   Charlotte Hornets v New York KnicksQuincy Acy threw down a pretty nice alley-oop in the Knicks-Bucks game on Friday.

He got pretty excited.

His celebration kinda fizzled out a bit midway through though… I wonder why?

The Knicks being 15-63 might have something to do with it.



You guys might remember the Fake Gmail Inbox we made for Mike Woodson a couple months ago. Carmelo Anthony is our next victim. Check out the image below, and click on it to zoom in if you need to!

*Reminder: This is not real*

Carmelo Gmail Inbox


-Tommy Rothman

If you want a version without all the watermarks to post on your site, contact us on Twitter.

JR Smith’s $450,000 armored vehicle


JR Smith has reportedly been cruising around the streets of New York in an armored vehicle worth over 450,000 dollars. It is never safe to go inside the mind of JR Smith, but if I had to guess, i would say that Smith has realized how badly he needs a crash-proof car. Good to see he learned at least ONE lesson from Jason Kidd last season.


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