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Quincy Acy Dunks, Celebrates, then Remembers how bad the Knicks are (VINE)

Charlotte Hornets v New York Knicks  508084169   Charlotte Hornets v New York KnicksQuincy Acy threw down a pretty nice alley-oop in the Knicks-Bucks game on Friday.

He got pretty excited.

His celebration kinda fizzled out a bit midway through though… I wonder why?

The Knicks being 15-63 might have something to do with it.

Carmelo tells Carlos Boozer to get the “F*** out of here” (Vine)


Carlos Boozer is known for screaming “And-1” nearly every time he takes a shot.

Melo was having none of it

Melo didn’t want Boozer spoiling New York’s 10th win of the season

Knicks Vine: JR Smith ignores open Melo at buzzer


Knicks ball. Down 2. Get it to Melo? Right? Nah

The music is a really nice touch


If JR Smith and Lance Stephenson Are Ever Teammates, It’s All Over

JR Smith has his shoelace tricks. Lance? He gets a bit more physical.