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NBA suspends JR Smith


The NBA has suspended JR Smith after he hit Glen Rice Junior in the “groin” (yes, that means balls) in Tuesday night’s Knicks-Wizards game. Smith, who was suspended for five games last year after failing a drug test, will only be forced to miss one game this time around, at least as far as the NBA is concerned. As such, JR will not play in Wednesday night’s game against the Pistons (whose point guard, Brandon Jennings, was the recipient of hostile tweets from Smith which led to JR receiving a $25,000 fine last season). -Tommy Rothman

The GIF of the hit is below

jr gif

BREAKING: JR Smith Suspended 5 games for Recreational Drug Use


Well, we all saw it coming, right? 

In the least surprising breaking story of all time, JR Smith has been suspended for failing THREE drug tests for recreational substances such as Marijuana. Smith’s was already in danger of missing the first few weeks of the season with a knee injury. His suspension will begin the first game he is physically able to play, so if he is ready to come back 2 weeks after opening day, he will have to wait an extra 5 games after that. 


The Knicks recently gave Smith a new contract, and he has wasted no time in showing why the Knicks were able to get such a bargain on the mercurial Smith. One person who is not happy? The fictional Mike Woodson twitter account



This is another frustrating off-court setback for J.R, who has had disciplinary issues through his career. 

-Tommy Rothman