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Knicks’ Legendary Struggle Faces (GIFs)

Here are a couple GIFs which capture the Struggle from the Knicks’ blowout loss against the Suns tonight.


What’s that you say? These are from our blowout loss against the Lakers?


 Fair point. But what’s the difference? I’ll have some great GIFs from the Suns game to post if the Warriors kill us on Sunday…

-Tommy Rothman

17 Funny Mike Woodson GIFs That Might Make Your Day

Alright, so maybe we’ve been a bit harsh on Knicks Coach Mike Woodson over here at New York Knicks Memes. But when he’s not making us pull our hair out (maybe he’s just trying to level the playing field?), he’s making us laugh. Let’s take a look at some funny Mike Woodson GIFs.

1 . Raymond Felton can’t guard his Coach


2.  Mike Woodson is up by 20, but nobody’s told him that.


3. Woody Smiles and Nods for the first time… at the same time.


4. Woody getting into Game Shape
mike-woodson-75. Iman Shumpert cannot escape the Death Staremike-woodson-8 6. Woody smiles, hopes nobody noticed


7. Woody can’t convince ref to change scoremike-woodson-58. Kia BroHug of the Year


9. Exasperated Woody is Exasperated

mike-woodson-910. Woody doesn’t have time for Sheedmike-woodson-18

11. Woody runs a new play

12. Woody checks last year’s standings

mike-woodson-1913. Woody checks this year’s standings


14. Woody chews his cud

coach gif

15. Woody does the Shimmy


16. Woodson Shimmy, the remix


17. Woody discovers true, genuine happiness


That last one is real. I promise.

-Tommy Rothman

LeBron James Hits Greg Monroe with the Rare “Double Flop” (GIF)

Not one… 


“I don’t need to flop. I play an aggressive game but I don’t flop. I’ve never been one of those guys. I don’t need to flop. I don’t even know how to do it. So it doesn’t mean much to me.”

— LeBron James


Jason Kidd spills his drink on the court… On Purpose? (GIF)


With 8 seconds left in the Nets-Lakers game and Lakers Guard Jodie Meeks preparing to shoot game-clinching free throws for Los Angeles, Nets Coach Jason Kidd spilled his drink on the floor, causing the game to be briefly delayed before Meeks hit his free throws to put Brooklyn’s comeback effort to bed. Why was Kidd drinking instead of drawing up a play? Was he trying to ice the shooter? What was in his drink? Who will drive him home? So many questions, and we’ll never have the answers… Or do we? Was this intentional? A video posted of the incident shows Jason Kidd apparently saying “Hit Me” to Taylor right before the spill…

UPDATE: Kidd has been fined $50,000 by the NBA.

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