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Mike Woodson’s Perfect Beard has been RUINED

oldIt was perfect.

A master work of human engineering, it was known far and wide as the finest beard in all the land.

But as you can see in this photo taken last week, Mike Woodson’s formerly immaculate beard has betrayed him, and is now a hideous monstrosity.


The mustache area of The Great Goatee appears to be holding on for dear life.

Woody, please put yourself back together.

For us.

BREAKING: Knicks Pick Up Coach Mike Woodson’s Option for 2014-2015


When the Knicks demoted GM Glen Grunwald last week, there were rumors that Mike Woodson’s job could be in danger. After all, Grunwald had been one of Woodson’s biggest supporters within the Knicks’ organization.


However, it appears Coach Woodson is safe, for the time being. The Knicks announced Monday that they have picked up Woodson’s option for the 2014-2015 season, meaning that his contract— which would have expired following this coming season— is guaranteed for another year.

Woodson can be stubborn and frustrating at times, but he is one of the better coaches in the league. I like the move. And so does the infamous “Koach Wudsen


Of course, the Knicks can always change their mind and fire Woodson if the team struggles this season. But this is true of every coach in the NBA… no contract can protect a Coach from being held responsible for a team’s results.

But for now, all signs are indicating that The Beard will be here for the long run.

-Tommy Rothman