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James Dolan told New York Knicks no trades, coach firings


Looks like Coach Woodson’s job is safe. Read more here: James Dolan told New York Knicks no trades, coach firings – ESPN New York.




Tommy Rothman

League sources are indicating that the Knicks and Nets will likely share the honor of hosting All-Star Weekend in 2015, bringing the annual circus to New York City for the first time since 1998. It is not yet clear which events will be held where, but all indications point to the Saturday events being held in the Barclays Center, with the big game being played in the Garden on Sunday. The Friday events would likely be held in Brooklyn as well. Stay Tuned.

Update: This has been confirmed. The Knicks will get to host on Sunday, the Nets will get to host on Saturday… and I think it is a safe assumption that the Nets will get to host on Friday was well.

Knicks Evicted? NYC tells MSG to get Ready to Move


Tommy Rothman

In a 47 to 1 vote, the New York City Council gave Madison Square Garden 10 years to vacate and find a new home. The owners of the garden (led by James Dolan) had sought an eternal extension of the lease, while the Bloomberg Administration had sought to give MSG 15 more years in its current location. Dolan recently spent over a billion dollars on a massive renovation of the Garden, and will likely try to do whatever it takes to keep that money from going down the drain. I imagine we have not heard the last of this story. Keep Reading –>