Knicks Evicted? NYC tells MSG to get Ready to Move


Tommy Rothman

In a 47 to 1 vote, the New York City Council gave Madison Square Garden 10 years to vacate and find a new home. The owners of the garden (led by James Dolan) had sought an eternal extension of the lease, while the Bloomberg Administration had sought to give MSG 15 more years in its current location. Dolan recently spent over a billion dollars on a massive renovation of the Garden, and will likely try to do whatever it takes to keep that money from going down the drain. I imagine we have not heard the last of this story. Keep Reading –>


4 thoughts on “Knicks Evicted? NYC tells MSG to get Ready to Move

  1. Takana

    Insane Mamacita – this is why I take my own pictures. I’ve sttread using my camera way more since becoming aware of how much a picture adds to a blog post. Be creative. :)Mama vs. the boys – I agree that a unique voice for a blog is a necessity in all the voices out there today. :)Sheri – excellent tips. I use giveaways sparingly on my blog. I think the content is more important than the contest, but I do think that contests can sometimes be a great way to put your content in front of a new audience.


  2. Billy S.

    It all makes sense now. Why would the Dolan’s put in for the land property rights to the Coliseum (Nassau)? They knew all along and wanted to make sure they were finalists for it.



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