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Shump’s Amazing Move (GIF)


At least the defender TRIED.


Knicks Top Plays Tournament: Final Round

The fans have voted and we are down to two plays. It is time for the final round. What was the best moment of this season?

Final Round:

#1E Knicks crush Heat on Opening Night after Sandy, Sheed hits first shot.


#1W Iman Shumpert’s insane putback slam against Indy in the playoffs

Which play was best? It’s up to you guys! VOTE!

-Tommy Rothman

Knicks 2012-2013 Top Moments Tournament- SEMIFINALS

Shumpert’s Slam, Smith’s Jam, and other moments are still in the mix. Two rounds down, two rounds to go. Four Knicks Highlights remain in our tournament. The semifinals are underway! Cast your votes for each of the 4 match ups! Voting ends on Sunday night.


Division 1

Matchup 1

#1 Knicks crush Heat on opening day after Sandy, Sheed hits first 3.



#2 JR Smith’s ridiculous alley-oop from Pablo Prigioni

Analysis: A night-long beatdown full of emotion, great basketball, and Sheed squares off against a play that took 2 seconds to be completed, but still astounds the viewer six months later.


Division 2

Matchup 2


#1 Iman Shumpert’s putback slam



#3 JR Smith hits 2 buzzer beaters vs Charlotte, Phoenix.


Analysis: Shumpert’s dunk was a more spectacular play on a much bigger stage, but both of JR’s shots delivered wins (albeit against 2 miserable teams) and some awesome salsa dancing. Both moments were phenomenal… which was better?


The decision is yours to make. Which 2 moments will advance to the finals? Cast your votes!

-Tommy Rothman