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Chris Smith Released From Knicks’ D-League Team


Chris Smith, who made the Knicks’ opening day roster before being cut in January, has now been released by the Knicks’ D-League affiliate in Erie. Smith, who was quite clearly given a roster spot just because he is J.R. Smith’s brother, was on the roster when capable point guards such as Kendall Marshall and D.J. Augustin were free agents, so his short stint with the Knicks has been a sore spot for many. ESPN is reporting that Smith had some run-ins with the coaching staff in Erie, and Adrian Wojnarowski, one of the most reliable sources in the league, recently reported that Smith had left the team several days ago due to dissatisfaction with his lack of playing time. I’m sure more amusing details will be on the way soon, so let’s stay tuned. -Tommy R


BREAKING: Knicks Release Chris Smith, Sign Jeremy Tyler (Updated)


The Reign of Nepotism has come to an end. I reported yesterday that the Knicks were considering waiving Chris Smith, and indeed, the organization has officially decided to set J.R. Smith’s brother free to live amongst the wolves in the forest. The Knicks are now closing in on a deal with Jeremy Tyler, who has flown to New York to hammer out a contract. It will be interesting to see whether Tyler gets minutes (he should, and you have to assume he will, but you never know with Coach Woodson’s rotations). It also remains to be seen what will become of Cole Aldrich, the young center who has ridden the bench all season. If Tyler is being brought up to sit on the bench with Aldrich, well, that makes no sense. If Tyler is being brought up to play over Aldrich, it might make sense to release Aldrich to sign a guard. Either way, the Knicks cannot afford to waste roster spots on guys who do not play. They seem to be acknowledging this by releasing Smith.

UPDATE: The Knicks have signed Tyler.

-Tommy Rothman