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Knicks’ Jeremy Tyler to host a Night Of Awareness for Hailey’s Hope Foundation (Info & Invitation)


In January, shortly after Jeremy Tyler signed with the Knicks and around the same time he let me do an interview with him, Jeremy’s first child was born 3 months premature. Jeremy’s son, Jeremy Junior, spent months in the hospital fighting for his life, but, fortunately, was allowed to come home to Jeremy and his girlfriend Sukey.


On Saturday, Jeremy will be hosting “A Night of Awareness” to benefit Hailey’s Hope Foundation, a charity that supports families with critically ill babies in the New York area. HHF reaches out to families in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, helping pay non-medical costs such as gas, lodging, and meals, and by offering care packages, calling in and checking up on families, educating parents, working with doctors and nurses, and funding clinical research.


Jeremy is hosting this event to bring awareness to the foundation and the alarming number of premature babies being born every day.


The official invitation:

Experience an unforgettable evening with Jeremy Tyler of the New York Knicks and his NBA friends to benefit Hailey’s Hope Foundation.

 Join them as they celebrate and raise money for Hailey’s Hope Foundation’s programs that support premature and critically ill babies and their families in New York-area Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICUs).

 Jeremy Tyler will share his personal journey and connection to the cause and honor Hailey’s Hope Foundation’s leaders. Guests will enjoy a buffet-style dinner, music, great auctions and more.

Tickets are $40 each (cash bar) and can be purchased at the link below.


Event Schedule

6pm-7pm – Cocktail hour, buffet-style dinner, silent auction open

7pm-8pm – Charity introduction, living testimonies, end silent auction

8pm-9pm – Introduce Jeremy, personal connection to charity, share his story introduce teammates, high-profile guests and thank everyone for coming.

After 9pm – We will have a DJ performing, open format, but that will not be affiliated with Hailey’s Hope program.


If you cannot make the event, but still want to support the cause you can donate in honor of Jeremy Tyler and Sukey Rowan: http://www.haileyshopefoundation.org/how-to-help/donate/



Help support Jeremy and this great charity! And check out the interview we did with Jeremy back in January!

-Tommy Rothman 





Interview With Knicks Big Man Jeremy Tyler

By Tommy Rothman

Jeremy Tyler might not be a household name yet, but he certainly has the potential to become one. Tyler, who left high school early to pursue a career overseas instead of playing in the NCAA, was drafted with the 39th pick of the 2011 NBA draft by the Golden State Warriors. After seeing limited action in Golden State, Tyler joined the Knicks’ Summer League team. New York waived Tyler after he suffered a foot injury, but brought him back to their D-League team and added him to the NBA roster in January once his rehab was complete. In the past week, Tyler has become a part of Coach Mike Woodson’s rotation, and has showed off his impressive athleticism on both ends of the floor. Tyler is averaging 18.4 points, 10.5 rebounds, and 2.1 blocks per 36 minutes through his first 10 games as a Knick. I reached out to Jeremy through his media team a couple weeks ago, and he was kind enough to agree to do an online interview with New York Knicks Memes. Keep reading to see what Jeremy had to say about himself, his journey, his teammates, his coach’s smile, music, and his first month as a Knick.

Tommy Rothman, New York Knicks Memes: Hi, Mr. Tyler. Thanks for agreeing to do this interview. Your path to the NBA was a bit more complicated than the standard prep-to-college-to-pro journey. Even before making your NBA debut with the Warriors in 2011, you had already played in a professional setting. But the NBA and the bj league (in Japan) are two very different things. What was the most difficult part about the transition to the NBA?

Jeremy Tyler, New York Knicks: The pace of the game is a little faster here and [there are] more athletic players. And the seriousness of each game [is higher].

Los Angeles Clippers v New York Knicks

Tommy: Have there ever been times where you have felt that having experienced professional basketball outside of the NBA has helped you handle the pressures and the spotlight of the NBA?

Jeremy: Yes, it definitely has, and it’s been really good taking the experiences I have over there and [using] them in everyday life here, and [it’s] helped me become a better person.

Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 4.28.24 PM

Tommy: You landed a spot on the Knicks’ summer league roster and were very impressive. You earned yourself a contract and then, just when it seemed you were a lock to make the team, it was announced that you would miss several weeks with a foot injury. How did you respond to that mentally? What was it like rehabbing an injury while trying to fight for a roster spot, physically and emotionally?

Jeremy: It was hard at first but I learned the injury might have came to teach me patience. And with patience it taught me to use each setback as a comeback. I think because I had my head on straight and a good support system, I was able to get through it.


Tommy: Immediately after the Knicks waived you, they expressed interest in bringing you back to their D-League team to give you a chance to prove yourself. You were very impressive in the D-League (your final  game with the Erie Bayhawks having been a 21 point, 15 rebound performance). The Knicks decided you’d earned a shot on the NBA roster, and you recently signed an NBA contract with the team. So after a half-year of uncertainty, you are finally a New York Knick. How did it feel when you finally got signed? How has your first month as a Knick been?

Jeremy: It felt great. It felt like I accomplished the first step of my big goal. With the first month being here, I found myself. I’ve been learning, getting in great shape and working on my mental and physical performance.


Tommy: Playing in New York City is no small matter. Do you feel ready to handle the pressures of playing in the most famous arena and the largest media market in the NBA?

Jeremy: Yes, I am ready to accept any challenges that come my way. I am well-prepared for adversity and am excited.

Jeremy Tyler, Vander Blue, Vitor Faverani

Tommy: There are a lot of fans who haven’t gotten much of a chance to see you play. Which part of your game do you think Knicks Fans should be most excited about? What should we expect from you on the court going forward? What do you try to bring to the table? In other words, who are you when you step on the floor?

Jeremy: My sense of urgency. I like to play at a high level energy wise. I am a very fun and outgoing player to watch whether on the court or supporting my team on the bench. On the court going forward, I’m going to [give] 110% every time and take advantage of any minutes I can get.


Tommy: Which NBA players did you idolize growing up? Who did you try to model your game after?

Jeremy: Growing up I idolized Amar’e (Stoudemire) and Hakeem Olajuwon.


Tommy:  You are playing with one of the game’s elite scorers in Carmelo Anthony, and a premier post defender in Tyson Chandler. You will be around veterans famed for their toughness, such as Metta World Peace and Kenyon Martin. How much do you think you can learn from your new teammates as you try to develop as an NBA player?

Jeremy: I can learn a lot like I have been. They have been in the game a while and they help a lot everyday and I feed off their positive projections.


Tommy: Eventually, we will get to know you as a player. But what do you want Knicks fans to learn about you now, as a person?

Jeremy: I am very family orientated and I’m extroverted and like it do a lot of things.


Tommy:  Have you ever seen Mike Woodson smile? Be honest. It’s OK if you haven’t.

Jeremy: Yes. He smiles all the time. He’s a very happy and outgoing standup guy.


Tommy:  Iman Shumpert and Metta World Peace have both dabbled in the rap game recently. Do you have what it takes when it comes to rap? Should one of your new teammates put you on a track?

Jeremy: Yes, I love music. I do music. Maybe one day we will all be on a track together. I can rap, but I prefer to sing and play the piano. I taught myself to play the piano while I was playing basketball in Japan.


Tommy: What advice do you have for young basketball players?

Jeremy: Always play and always have fun. But know that if you want to accomplish something big, you have to put in the work. As a young player you have to put even more work than any of the older players.


Tommy: What goals do you have for yourself as an NBA player?

Jeremy: To be an NBA All-Star and be an icon one day.

Los Angeles Clippers v New York Knicks

Tommy: Last question: You have shown that you can comfortably play either position, but do you view yourself as a Power Forward, or a Center?

Jeremy: I can play either. I am both. Wherever they need me, I am ready.


You can follow Jeremy on Twitter, on Instagram, and on Facebook.

Special thanks to Jeremy and to his media manager, Leslie Strauss.



BREAKING: Knicks Release Chris Smith, Sign Jeremy Tyler (Updated)


The Reign of Nepotism has come to an end. I reported yesterday that the Knicks were considering waiving Chris Smith, and indeed, the organization has officially decided to set J.R. Smith’s brother free to live amongst the wolves in the forest. The Knicks are now closing in on a deal with Jeremy Tyler, who has flown to New York to hammer out a contract. It will be interesting to see whether Tyler gets minutes (he should, and you have to assume he will, but you never know with Coach Woodson’s rotations). It also remains to be seen what will become of Cole Aldrich, the young center who has ridden the bench all season. If Tyler is being brought up to sit on the bench with Aldrich, well, that makes no sense. If Tyler is being brought up to play over Aldrich, it might make sense to release Aldrich to sign a guard. Either way, the Knicks cannot afford to waste roster spots on guys who do not play. They seem to be acknowledging this by releasing Smith.

UPDATE: The Knicks have signed Tyler.

-Tommy Rothman

With Jeremy Tyler on the Way, Chris Smith’s Days Could Be Numbered


There have been reports that big man Jeremy Tyler— who had 21 points and 15 rebounds the other night in the D-League— could be called up by the Knicks as soon as Thursday, when the Knicks take on the Spurs. ESPN’s Ian Begley is now reporting that the Knicks are giving serious consideration to cutting point guard Chris Smith (J.R.’s brother) in order to make room on the roster for Tyler. It is widely believed that Smith is on the roster for reasons other than his playing ability, so this should come as good news for Knicks fans. It is interesting that they would take a stand and finally stop wasting their final roster spot on somebody who never plays, but desperate times call for desperate— but in this case, sensible— measures. 

-Tommy Rothman

BREAKING: Knicks Sign Jeremy Tyler


ESPN sources are reporting that the Knicks have agreed to a contract with big man Jeremy Tyler. Tyler, 22, showed his extreme athleticism during the Summer League games and definitely deserves this roster spot. Tyler is raw, but can defend and rebound very well and is developing on the offensive end. With Bobby Brown flying to NYC to meet with the Knicks, and Tyler’s ink finally drying on a contract, it appears that the Knicks pretty much have their roster filled out. -Tommy Rothman