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My Top 10 NBA Players: April 2013


                                      Top 10 Players

                                    -Tommy Rothman

Here are my top 10 players.

NOTE: Despite the fact that certain players, such as Derrick Rose, Andrew Bynum, Rajon Rondo, and Kevin Love could certainly be in the top 10, they are not on my list. I also view Dwight Howard as an elite player, but his back woes knock him down a couple spots on this year’s list.

  1. LeBron James— I don’t think there is any legitimate argument against this pick.
  2. Kevin Durant— A guard’s ballhandling skills with a power forward’s body, combined with a lethal jumper, make him #2.
  3. Carmelo Anthony— The league’s best pure scorer, and an excellent rebounder.
  4. Chris Paul— The best point guard alive, can also take over on defense.
  5. Kobe Bryant— Has become a bit of a volume scorer, but still as dangerous as anyone out there.
  6. Dwyane Wade— Has lost a step, and has been overshadowed by James. Still a great scorer and a terrific defender.
  7. Russell Westbrook— Shoots a bit too much, but one of the best finishers in the league. Probably the league’s best athlete.
  8. Dwight Howard— A bad attitude doesn’t stop him from being the league’s dominant center, hands-down.
  9. Tony Parker— Has to be given some credit for the consistent excellence of the Spurs.
  10. Stephen Curry— The best shooter alive, quick off the dribble.

Eliminated because of Injury: Derrick Rose, Rajon Rondo, Andrew Bynum, Kevin Love

Honorary Mention: Kyrie Irving, Deron Williams, Tim Duncan, Josh Smith, James Harden

Agree with our list? Disagree? Let us know!