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Kristaps Porzingis named Eastern Conference Rookie of the Month

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 5.03.14 PM

Knicks rookie Kristaps Porzingis was named Eastern Conference Rookie of the Month for the games played during October and November. Porzingis ranks third among rookies in points (13.7) and second both in rebounds (9.3) and blocks (1.9) per game.

The 7-3 Latvian forward, the 4th overall pick in the draft, had eight double-doubles and scored 29 points in a game against Charlotte. He had seven blocks to go along with 24 points and 14 boards in a win over Houston.

Karl-Anthony Towns was named Rookie of the Month in the West.

Knicks Roster Quiz: 2015-16 Edition

Every year, we make a quiz asking you to name every player on the Knicks.

This year’s quiz is live! You can give it a try by clicking here to play!

The 15 answers are the 14 players on the Knicks’ current NBA roster, plus the coach. There are some bonus answers, including all of the D-League guys. Last names are accepted.

The quiz will be updated as the roster changes.

Give it a try, SHARE it to challenge your friends, comment your score, give us a rating, and give us some feedback! See how many tries it takes you to get the whole team!

You can see how you compare to others, and which players were guessed the most/least often, by pressing “view stats” on the Sporcle page. Again, here is the link to the quiz!  Knicks 2015-2016 Roster Quiz

Enjoy! See our other quizzes, including the Opening Day Lineups challenge

JR Smith accused of choking teen after Knicks taunt


JR Smith might be in hot water for the 1000th time.

Reports leaked Friday that Smith had been accused of choking a 19 year-old male at a pizza shop in New York. According to the NY Daily News and NY Post, Smith declined the teen’s request for a photo, and was told, “That’s why New York kicked you out!” provoking the often-emotional Smith to attack the teen.

Smith was in New York to play his former team, the Knicks. The incident reportedly took place at 4 AM on November 13.

Smith has denied the incident, as has his attorney.

This definitely bears watching, as Smith is certainly on thin ice with the league office and his 30 potential NBA employers.

Carmelo Anthony calls out heckler after Knicks beat Lakers

The Knicks beat the Lakers 99-95 on Sunday, behind 24 points from Carmelo Anthony.

After the game, Melo called out a Lakers fan who had been giving him trouble:

Carmelo also called on Knicks fans to be more vocal after Lakers fans invaded the Garden in full force for Sunday’s game.

“I’ve never seen that on my home court where an opposing fan is heckling me. Where are my fans at? We need the Knicks fans to step up there.”

JIMMER! Knicks add Fredette to D-League team

The Westchester Knicks selected Jimmer Fredette with the 2nd overall pick in the D-League draft on Saturday. Fredette, the 6-foot-2, 26 year-old sharpshooter, will report and play in White Plains as he auditions for an NBA roster spot. Fredette was the 10th overall pick in the 2011 NBA draft. The Knicks have one open roster spot and, with Fredette being a lifelong Knicks fan, surely would have the edge in a potential race for his services (obviously, the next team to try to add him to their 2015-16 NBA squad will be the first). However, any NBA team is technically able to sign the former BYU superstar.

-Tommy Rothman

Knicks Memes Game Recap: Hawks 112, Knicks 101


The Knicks dropped the second game of their season-opening back-to-back, falling to 1-1 with a 112-101 loss to the Hawks in New York’s home opener at MSG.

The game began as a close one, with the Knicks and Hawks trading runs and New York managing to stay in the game. The Knicks stumbled at the end of the first, falling behind 30-20, but came out roaring at the start of the second and briefly held a one-point lead.

But Atlanta bounced right back, taking advantage of the Knicks’ sloppiness on both ends and taking a sixteen-point lead into the intermission. The lead grew to over 20 at the start of the third, before the Knicks picked themselves up and made it a game.

The Knicks closed the gap to 12 by the end of the third, but the reigning Eastern #1 seed kept the reigning Eastern cellar-dwellers at arm’s length until the final buzzer, comfortably wrapping up Atlanta’s first win of the season.

The Hawks were led by 23 points from Jeff Teague and 21 from Al Horford. Former Knick Tim Hardaway Junior did not play.

Carmelo Anthony struggled for the Knicks, but managed to get his points through simple volume shooting, putting up 25 on 10-27 shooting. Melo also had seven boards, three assists and three steals in 32 minutes.

Kristaps Porzingis had 10 points, eight rebounds, three steals and a block, but also had five fouls and four turnovers. Porzingis had the highlight play of the night, with a steal-spin-slam combo that got the crowd roaring.

Kyle O’Quinn had 10 points and 10 rebounds. Robin Lopez had 18 points, but had five turnovers. The Knicks as a team turned the ball over 21 times.

New York shot 41% from the field and 21% from three.The Hawks shot 51% from the field and 42% from three, and got to the line 26 times, sinking 18 of their tries from the stripe to negate the Knicks’ efficiency from the line (19-21).

The Knicks had some awful stretches in this game, but they also had some very good moments. The issue was that they only showed up in stretches— on both ends, they seemed to just shut down half the time, leading to some ridiculously sloppy passes, some bafflingly wide-open threes allowed, and some downright clumsy drops of the ball. They didn’t get much help from the refs (even Reggie Miller felt bad for them) but they put themselves at the mercy of the whistle by allowing the Atlanta guards slash through the perimeter and into the paint. Jose Calderon and Sasha Vujacic might have to make way for Jerian Grant and Langston Galloway at the top of the rotation before long. And Arron Afflalo’s return can’t come soon enough for that backcourt.

Moreover, the Knicks just couldn’t buy a bucket. Even good looks were clanking off the rim.

The Knicks will have their off nights. If the off nights look like this— a loss by a pretty reasonable margin to a team that won 60 games last year— New York will be a lot better than last year. There were some frustrating slip-ups tonight, but also a few positives.

And Kristaps looks legit. Good thing we had our draft pick that year.

New York’s next matchup is Saturday night on the road against the Wizards.

-Tommy Rothman