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Knicks Roster Quiz: 2015-16 Edition

Every year, we make a quiz asking you to name every player on the Knicks.

This year’s quiz is live! You can give it a try by clicking here to play!

The 15 answers are the 14 players on the Knicks’ current NBA roster, plus the coach. There are some bonus answers, including all of the D-League guys. Last names are accepted.

The quiz will be updated as the roster changes.

Give it a try, SHARE it to challenge your friends, comment your score, give us a rating, and give us some feedback! See how many tries it takes you to get the whole team!

You can see how you compare to others, and which players were guessed the most/least often, by pressing “view stats” on the Sporcle page. Again, here is the link to the quiz!  Knicks 2015-2016 Roster Quiz

Enjoy! See our other quizzes, including the Opening Day Lineups challenge

Knicks Roster Quiz: 2014-2015 Edition

Click to play our Roster Quiz!

Click to play our Roster Quiz!

As you know, we love making Knicks Quizzes! Our 2014-2015 Roster edition is now online, so take a shot at it! Click Here to Play Knicks Roster Quiz 

This has been UPDATED (4/20/2015) to a new quiz, asking you to name every player who appeared on the Knicks at ANY point this season!

(You can also click the image at the top of this post to go to the quiz).

You can also try our Opening Day Lineups quiz, if you’re feeling really knowledgable!

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-Tommy Rothman

Toure Murry signs with Jazz


Toure Murry has officially signed a 2-year deal with the Utah Jazz, according to reports. Murry did some positive things on the court in limited minutes for the Knicks last season, but New York’s backcourt is crowded, and it appears there was no room for Toure. As of now, the guards on the Knick roster are Jose Calderon, JR Smith, Iman Shumpert, Tim Hardaway Junior, Shane Larkin, and Pablo Prigioni.


The roster is starting to shape up, with the season drawing closer and closer. Click here for great deals on Knicks tickets!

-Tommy Rothman

BREAKING: Knicks to Sign Shannon Brown


Sources are reporting that the Knicks will sign 28 year-old guard Shannon Brown. 

Brown provides perimeter scoring, solid defense, and incredible athleticism. He is an exciting player and a pretty good one, too. The one problem with this signing? Brown is more of a shooting guard than a point guard, and the Knicks biggest need right now is at the point. Still, Brown can handle the ball a bit, and he can certainly guard opposing point guards on the defensive end, which is where New York’s PG’s have been the most lacking so far. Signing somebody like Jimmer Fredette would have been more fun, but this is a nice move.

-Tommy Rothman

BREAKING: Knicks Release World Peace, Udrih


The Knicks announced that they have waived Metta World Peace and Beno Udrih. Both players had expressed displeasure with the team recently, and with the trade deadline in the rearview mirror, it makes sense to cut the two players, since, for whatever reason, the Knicks were set on never playing either of them. 


The team now has two open roster spots. Chris Smith, anybody? Just kidding. I hope. 

-Tommy Rothman

BREAKING: Knicks keep Toure Murry, Chris Smith, Cole Aldrich

The Knicks announced that they have elected to keep PG Toure Murry, PG Chris Smith, and C Cole Aldrich on the 15-man roster, while releasing Jeremy Tyler, Ike Diogu, CJ Leslie, Josh Powell,  and Chris Douglas-Roberts.


It’s a bit surprising that Tyler was waived. Tyler showed great potential during summer league, and Coach Woodson indicated that he would likely make the team despite missing the preseason with a foot injury. The Knicks are now left with 5 big men: Tyson Chandler, Amar’e Stoudemire, Kenyon Martin, Andrea Bargnani, and Aldrich. Given that all 5 of these guys have battled injury recently, it makes one wonder why the team chose to keep 2 guards and only 1 big man. 


Speaking of the guards, what is Chris Smith doing on this team? He played a team-low 20 minutes this preseason and shot a dreadful 1-7. J.R Smith said yesterday that he hoped his little brother would make the team on his own talent, but this is clearly not the case. Based on what we have seen from Chris during the games, it seems that he is not a quality player by any means. Mike Woodson admitted that Chris’ status as J.R’s brother would be considered when making the final roster cuts, and it appears that having the last name “Smith” will, in fact, keep Chris with the team. 


I have no problem with Murry making the roster. Toure showed great promise during the Summer League and continued to play very well during the preseason. He definitely earned a spot on the team.


If I’m Ike Diogu right now, I’m feeling pissed off. Diogu showed up to camp, played hard, played well, showed a decent post game and a nice mid-range jumper…. and got released, because the Knicks wanted to keep J.R Smith’s brother. Again, Chris showed nothing during the preseason, so it seems as if, no matter what happened, Chris was guaranteed a roster spot. If that was the case, why not tell Diogu that from the start, so that he could showcase his talent with another team?



I am a bit concerned over the lack of healthy, reliable big men on the team. Of course, I am nitpicking here. If a need for another big man arises, the Knicks can always release Chris Smith or any other player on the team and sign Tyler, Diogu, or any big man who is a free agent. Murry, Smith, and Aldrich will not be playing major minutes as things stand right now, and neither would Diogu, Tyler, Powell, Leslie, or Douglas-Roberts if they had made the team. Would I like to see Tyler and/or Diogu on the opening day roster? Yes. Will the 13th, 14th, and 15th men on the team make-or-break our season? Probably not… 


… unless ToureSanity is waiting in the wings…

-Tommy Rothman