Pregame Report: New York Knicks @ Miami Heat


The New York Knicks (33-44) will visit the Miami Heat (52-23) this afternoon. Gametime is 1 PM.

Projected lineups:


New York: Felton, Smith, Anthony, Stoudemire, Chandler

Miami: Chalmers, Douglas, James, Haslem, Bosh 

OUT: Martin, Bargnani (New York)… Wade, Oden, Andersen (Miami)


The Knicks play the Heat and the Hawks play the Pacers. The Knicks are in the unfortunate position of needing a win in a seemingly unwinnable game. However, with Miami banged up and New York’s ability to beat any team when they are on their game, this matchup could get interesting. 

Carmelo Anthony is the player to watch today. He was horrible on Friday, and we need to hope he is healthy enough to make a positive contribution. If he can’t help the team, he should sit.

LeBron James cannot be stopped. The Knicks will have to attempt to contain him to a reasonable extent, and then key in on Bosh and Miami’s shooters (including ex-Knick Toney Douglas). 

Let’s hope the Knicks can pull out a win today, and let’s hope that Indy helps us out a bit by beating the Hawks.

-Tommy Rothman


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