Knicks Invite Jeremy Tyler to Training Camp


By Tommy Rothman


The Knicks have finally taken a step to addressing their thin frontcourt. Sources indicated Friday night that the Knicks have given summer league standout Jeremy Tyler an invite to training camp, where he will be afforded a strong opportunity to earn a spot on the NBA roster. Tyler is a freakish athlete who has natural instincts for defense and rebounding. He is incredibly raw on offense, but his athleticism provides hope that he can become a servicable player on that end, as well. The Knicks hope he can emerge as a solid option at center and power forward. Best-case scenario, he becomes a player in the Tyson Chandler mold. Either way, Tyler has value, and let’s hope that the Knicks hit it big on this low-risk, high-reward investment. 

Note: Most training camp invites include a non-guaranteed 1 year contract, so if the Knicks decide they want Tyler, they probably have him in their grasp.



3 thoughts on “Knicks Invite Jeremy Tyler to Training Camp

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