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Knicks Rookies Combine For Awesome Fastbreak Finish (GIF)

Can we cast Timmy and Toure’ in the next Uncle Drew video?

Tim Hardaway Jr. Yells “Party Time!” On the Way Up For A Big Slam…. OR DOES HE?

A Nickname is born: “Party Time”

Update: It happened again during the next game, but according to Hardaway,  it was Shump yelling. Apparently, every time Shump sets somebody up for a dunk, he’s going to scream out “Party Time”, which is gonna be pretty awesome.

UPDATE 2: I’m calling shenanigans here. In today’s scrimmage, Hardaway dunked and appears to have yelled “party time” on the way up. Was he lying to us on twitter? I think Tim is the secret yeller. The mystery continues!!!


Screen Shot 2013-10-12 at 2.37.45 PM