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BREAKING: Knicks select Kristaps Porzingis with 4th overall pick


The Knicks have selected Kristaps Porzingis with the #4 pick in the NBA Draft. Porzingis is considered to have possibly the highest upside in the draft (although some have him second to Karl Towns), but is a bit of an unknown due to the fact that he played abroad rather than in the NCAA.

Here is the scouting report we posted yesterday on Porzingis:

The Breakdown: 7-2, 230 lb Power Forward from Europe (Latvia). 7-4 wingspan, 19 years old.

Strengths: Big and versatile. Good ball-handler, good shooter who can shoot over defenders and can hit the three. Athletic, very quick for his size. Can guard multiple positions. Good shot-blocker. Massive upside.

Weaknesses: A bit of an unknown. Needs to add a lot of muscle. Low floor. Not skilled in the post. Unlikely to make a big impact right away.

Why the Knicks would draft him: Porzingis might have the biggest upside in the draft. He has the skills of a small forward and the height of a center. He might have the most upside in the draft. Porzingis might be a good Triangle fit— the system calls for versatility.

My Reaction: The Knicks needed a superstar out of this draft. The slide to #4 made that tough. With Towns, Okafor, and Russell off the board, Porzingis is one of the few guys remaining who could be a star. It’s a risky pick because of his low floor, but it makes sense. This team needs STARS and it’s increasingly difficult to get them in free agency.