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BREAKING: JR Smith has knee surgery, out 3-4 months


Knicks star 6th man JR Smith has had surgery on his knee and is scheduled to miss 3-4 months, which would put his return somewhere between the middle of training camp and 2 weeks into the regular season. This is disappointing news for Knicks fans, who watched their team battle injuries all of last season. It appears that this injury is related to the knee injury which caused Smith to struggle so badly in the playoffs. The injury is apparently chronic and seems to have built up over time, so a surgery to try to eliminate or mostly solve the problem seems to be the best course of action, and it is one that the Knicks have chosen to take. We should know more in the near future about the severity of this injury. My gut feeling is that it will not be a long-lasting concern, as long as we can get JR back in a timely matter, but you never know with these Knicks. Let’s hope he only misses 6 or 7 games, if any. And let’s hope that when he comes back, he can get his explosiveness back very quickly. I will keep you guys posted when we find out more.

-Tommy Rothman


UPDATE: TIm Hardaway Jr has bruised wrist, X-Rays Negative


Knicks 1st-round draft pick Tim Hardaway Jr suffered a bruised wrist during today’s summer league game and will not return. He will get x-rays on his wrist. Hardaway Jr. had been playing very well so let’s hope this is not an issue.

UPDATE: X-Rays are negative.


Carmelo Anthony has torn labrum in left shoulder, may need Surgery


Knicks’ superstar Carmelo Anthony learned Wednesday that he has a partial tear of the left labrum in his shoulder. Carmelo hurt his shoulder on April 14 and then injured it again in game 5 of the series against Boston. The Knicks hope Carmelo can avoid surgery and solve the issue with a month of rest. Surgery would likely set Anthony back 3 or 4 months.