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He’s Back! Dolan hires Isiah Thomas to run MSG’s WNBA Team


The Madison Square Garden Company, which is run by James Dolan and owns the Knicks, Rangers, and Liberty, hired Isiah Thomas on Tuesday to serve as President of the Liberty.

Thomas served as the Knicks’ President of Basketball Operations from 2003-08 and their coach from 2006-08. His tenure was disastrous in every aspect, as he set the Knicks back several years while leading the team to the (then) worst record in franchise-history, handing out several bloated contracts, and facing a sexual harassment lawsuit.

To the outrage of Knicks fans, Dolan has flirted with the idea of bringing Thomas back (and attempted to do so) in some capacity several times since his departure. According to the New York Post, Thomas has had his heart set on regaining control of the Knicks since his departure.

That’s a shaky claim to say the least, and Thomas certainly doesn’t have that now. But he’s in the same building, and it’s uncomfortably close. Thomas will also have part ownership of the Liberty.

NOTE: This is 100% real, despite the fact that it definitely sounds like a joke. -Tommy