Amar’e Stoudemire takes (false) shot at Carmelo Anthony


Former Knick star, former Knick albatross, and current Miami Heat forward Amar’e Stoudemire took an opportunity to take a shot at former teammate Carmelo Anthony during an interview/activity with ESPN’s Tom Haberstroh.

Haberstroh asked Stoudemire to name the ten players who had thrown him the most assists over his career. After getting the obvious #1 (Steve Nash) and former Knicks teammate Raymond Felton #2, Stoudemire took a few guesses to fill out the rest of the list before saying “I know Carmelo’s definitely not up there.”

Stoudemire was wrong, actually. When Haberstroh corrected him, he appeared to think the reporter must have meant a different Carmelo.

TH: “He is! He’s actually at No. 7”

Stoudemire: “Carmelo Anthony?”

If Amar’e was taking the opportunity to criticize Melo for not sharing the ball with Stoudemire on the court, STAT would do well to remember that he hardly was on the court after Anthony arrived in New York. After a mid-season trade united the two stars, Stoudemire hurt his back doing a trick-dunk during warmups before a playoff game— a game in which Melo scored 42 points— and battled injuries for the remainder of his tenure with the Knicks (including a hand injury suffered from punching a fire extinguisher).

And if Amar’e wants to single out Anthony as a guy who didn’t pass him the ball much, he’d better find more than 6 guys who have set him up for more baskets in his life.

(The full Amar’e article can be read here by Insiders)


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