Melo meets Mavericks in Dallas


Carmelo Anthony met with the Mavericks in Dallas at owner Mark Cuban’s house on Wednesday, shortly after his meeting with the Rockets. While his meeting in Houston lasted about 6 hours, his chat with Dallas only took about 2. The Mavericks are reportedly trying to sell Melo on playing with a front line of Dirk Nowitzki and Anthony’s former teammate Tyson Chandler.


1 thought on “Melo meets Mavericks in Dallas

  1. Mark

    Can you please do an article on the top free agents that the Knicks could realistically target (much like the article you did a while back on possible coaches the knicks could hire)? Could you also write one analyzing Cleanthony and Thanasis’ skills and their possible future contributions to the team? Thank you. I’m a huge fan btw (of you and the NYK).



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