BREAKING: Knicks Sign Lamar Odom


The Knicks have signed Lamar Odom to a contract that covers tonight’s season finale (although Odom will not play) and has a team option for next season, which the Knicks will pick up if they determine that Odom is in shape and can contribute over the coming months. Odom is a savvy, versatile veteran who won two championships under new Knicks President Phil Jackson in Los Angeles, and if Odom can put his recent off-court issues behind him, he can definitely bring something to the team. If the Knicks don’t want to keep Odom, they can use his non-guaranteed salary for next season as a trade chip for a team looking to either pick up Odom or trade a guaranteed salary for him and save some money. Odom can provide veteran leadership, which the Knicks lacked this season. Nothing to lose here, so I like the move. 

-Tommy Rothman


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