Pregame Report: Knicks @ Raptors


The New York Knicks (33-45) will visit the Toronto Raptors (46-32) tonight. Gametime is 7 PM

Starters for New York: Felton, Smith, Anthony, Stoudemire, Chandler

Starters for Toronto: Unconfirmed (Raptors may rest some players)


The Raptors are 2-0 against the Knicks this season, but Carmelo Anthony did not play in either of those games. Melo is hurt once again, but will play tonight. If Anthony cannot be productive, yet insists on trying to be productive, the Knicks will lose. If he is off his game, it is up to him to start moving the ball or driving more instead of taking jumpers, and it is up to Coach Woodson to sit him if he doesn’t change his style of play. That won’t happen, so let’s hope he can be his usual self tonight, for everybody’s sake.

You know the drill by now. The Knicks probably need to win all of their final 4 games to make the playoffs, and even that might not be enough. Atlanta and New York each have 4 games left, and any combination of 2 Hawks Wins / Knicks Losses clinches the 8 seed for Atlanta and eliminates the Knicks. So let’s hope we can get a win tonight.

Assuming Toronto doesn’t rest their starters, the keys to the game will be containing DeMar DeRozan and Kyle Lowry on the perimeter, and prevent Jonas Valanciunas from slaughtering us on the inside (using hustle, not an advanced skill set). 

Let’s see if we can get the win tonight, and let’s hope the Nets— who will be resting some starters— can help us out and beat the Hawks. If the Knicks lose and the Hawks win, it’s over. If the Knicks win and the Hawks lose, things could get interesting…

-Tommy Rothman

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