Carmelo Anthony Wants to Retire as a Knick


“They pulled all the strings to get me here, and I wanted to be here, you know. And I want to retire in New York, let’s be quite frank. I think a lot of people jumped the gun when I said I wanted to be a free agent. And yeah, I want people to come to play in New York. I want them to want to play in New York. I want New York to be that place where guys want to come play in New York.”


— Carmelo Anthony, in an interview Thursday with TNT.


3 thoughts on “Carmelo Anthony Wants to Retire as a Knick

  1. Javier Abreu

    People jumped the gun when you said “I want to be a free agent”?? Really? Did I miss something? I think the “free agent” part also means ‘quite frankly I don’t care if I’m a Knick’. Just play ball and help us win.


  2. DK

    I really want Melo to get that elusive title. When looking at the roster you would think that they are definetly contenders for the championship – and they are. But Amare needs more minutes, Chandler needs to be hungrier, Melo looking for that extra pass etc. I just wish Woodson would figure that shit out. I like Tim Hardaway Jr. in the Knicks but maybe a way…………………….bla bla I could go on and on @asvpxkurt


  3. Pete

    He wants New York to be the place in New York that people in New York want to come to New York to play in New York and be in New York while being in New York.



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