Knicks Media Day Quotes & Tweets

Knicks Media Day Quotes & Tweets

The best / most important quotes from members of the Knicks from today’s Media Day Session, along with analysis from reporters.

  1. The day started with an announcement that the Knicks had picked up Mike Woodson’s option for the 2014-2015 season.
  2. The Knicks announce they have picked up the option on Mike Woodson’s contract for the 2014-15 season.
  4. Knicks pick up option on Mike Woodson. Don’t equate that with job security…just means Woodson gets a golden parachute if he’s fired.
  5. Woodson is 72-34 as Knicks coach.
  6. Knicks Media Day set to start with new president and GM Steve Mills speaking first.
  7. Steve Mills says his new job “came about suddenly.” When Dolan approached him, he thought he had the “skill set” to rebuild organization.
  8. Mills says he will be “leaning” on the personnel men such as Gabriel, Warkentien, Mark Hughes early on.
  9. Steve Mills: “Our goal is to a win a championship this year. We think we have a good chance to do that.”
  10. Mills on several occasions sys won’t address the unorthodox timing. Says that’s more a question for Dolan, who is not here.
  11. Mills on what James Dolan and he discussed: “Jim and I talked a lot about making this a place that people want to come play.”
  12. Steve Mills just confirmed that he is considering adding someone to work directly under him. Could be someone from within.
  13. Well, if you were hoping Steve Mills would clear up the Grunwald ouster, you’ll be left wanting. Maybe JR will clear it up.
  14. Mike Woodson begins to field questions
  15. Woodson said Knicks want Melo to stay, but they’re worried about this season, defending their Division title and competing for an NBA title.
  16. Mike Woodson said Amar’e Stoudemire had another “minor procedure” on his knee. He said he’s “rehabbing nicely.”
  17. Woodson on Glen: “I have nothing to do with that change. I wish him nothing but the best from the bottom of my heart.”
  18. The conversation turns to JR Smith’s suspension…
  19. Woodson says hopes to have J.R. back for the first game. Which means sixth game after five-game suspension.
  20. Woodson on J.R.’s suspension: “I don’t condone anything like that. J.R. knows he made a major mistake. Hopefully learning experience.”
  21. J.R. Smith: “I’m more disappointed because I let my teammates down more than anything. I let Mr. Dolan down.”
  22. Woodson on J.R.’s 5-game ban. “I’m sure he will apologize to this organization and his teammates b/c we’ve made a major commitment to him.”
  23. … and his knee
  24. J.R. Smith admits he waited until after he signed to have surgery because his first obligation was to take care of his family. More honesty
  25. What about the biggest offseason addition?
  26. Andrea Bargnani says he’s feeling 100% healthy following a bout with the flu & various injuries last year. Says he needs to get into shape.
  27. Woodson said Bargnani is “a talented offensive player who can open up things.”
  28. Bargnani speaks to small group of press on side. Said he could’ve joined Team Italy in September. “Now I’m good,” Bargnani said.
  29. #Knicks not bringing Bargnani up to dais but Kenyon did. Shy guy and his English not considered terrific. Sure it was his choice.
  30. Okay, now the fun starts. Metta World Peace rolling through media, asking questions.
  31. Metta World Peace is now interviewing the media with a camera following him.
  32. Metta World Peace clowning on front office shakeup: “There’s no shakeup. The only thing I shake up is my milk. No shakeup.”
  33. Metta World Peace was asked about his comfort level in New York. “I’m most comfortable in the bed.” Funny line. #Knicks
  34. Carmelo is in the gym listening to Metta and probably thinking “how the hell did Kobe win with this guy.”
  35. Iman Shumpert: “I’ve had an awsome summer. No lockout. It’s been the smoothest it’s been. I hope it shows.”
  36. Shumpert: “It’s not like I love defense. It’s I want to score the ball so bad, I want to snatch the ball from you.”
  37. Tim Hardaway Jr. says he is not limited by the wrist injury he suffered in summer camp. #Knicks
  38. Of course, Carmelo’s contract was a major topic
  39. Carmelo Anthony said he will not think about his contract situation during the season. Says there’s no point to it.
  40. Carmelo Anthony adds that his focus is on “being a Knick and doing what I need to do hopefully to win a championship.” #Knicks
  41. Melo doesn’t want to talk about his contract status and said he won’t think about his opt out. He said he’s still under contract.
  42. Kenyon Martin on Melo’s potential opt-out: “There’s nothing better than playing in NYC. Just the city alone should entice him to re-sign.”
  43. Carmelo on expectations: “I‘m not going to put that pressure on myself or our guys to say that it’s championship or bust.” #Knicks
  44. In an on-camera @ESPN interview, Raymond Felton says of Carmelo Anthony: “He’s not going nowhere. Melo loves it here. He loves it.” #Knicks
  45. #Knicks president and GM Steve Mills: “We’ve made it clear that we have every intention of making Carmelo a Knick for a long time.”
  46. Amar’e Stoudemire’s knee was also heavily discussed.
  47. Amar’e said the surgery was “very very minor,” “extremely minor,” and that most athletes go through it. He’s still not saying what, tho.
  48. Mills on Stoudemire: “We’re going to really take it slow on Amar’e during training camp. We’ll bring him along slowly.”
  49. Amar’e says “unfortunately my career has been somewhat tainted by injuries’ but remains confident that he can function at a high level.”
  50. Amare says the surgery he had in July was “minor.” Of course, it was so minor that the Knicks forget to announce it. No biggie….yeah right
  51. Amar’e said he hasn’t started basketball drills or court stuff yet. He will be doing weight lifting and strengthening when practice starts.
  52. Amar’e doesn’t sound as if he will be doing basketball stuff for a while. Kept talking about prolonging his career.
  53. Everyone sounds really excited and healthy for the 2013-14 season. Except Amar’e, who sounds like he is looking forward to the postseason.
  54. Stoudemire won’t say if he’ll play any preseason games. Still rehabbing. “My career is not over.”
  55. Mike Woodson didn’t have specific minutes limit for Amar’e but said he’d have to get “creative” & goal is to have him healthy for playoffs.
  56. Melo says everyone will have to help fill the leadership void left by Kidd, but ‘I have to be the spearhead, I have to be at the forefront.’
  57. Mike Woodson says Carmelo Anthony’s shoulder is “fine” and he’s been at the training facility often in recent weeks scrimmaging. #Knicks
  58. Tyson Chandler said he’s worked on his mid-range jumper & jump hook extensively this summer. “I definitely want to get involved,” he said.
  59. Meanwhile, at the Nets’ media day…
  60. Kevin Garnett on if he’s talked to Carmelo Anthony since he’s been in NY: “Have not.”

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