Knicks Highlight Tournament: 2012-2013 Top Moments Quarterfinals

By Tommy Rothman

After one round of voting, the field has been narrowed down to 8 moments! Vote for your favorite highlight from each matchup! Voting for round 2 will close at the end of the day on July 25.


Division 1

Matchup 1

#1 Knicks crush Heat on opening day after Sandy, Sheed hits first 3.


#6 Carmelo scores 50 on Heat

Analysis: With the emotions, the opening night atmosphere, and the Sheed moment, the #1 seed is the favorite here. But even though Miami sat their starts the night that Carmelo scored 50, the #6 seed has a chance to pull off an upset.

Matchup 2

#2 JR Smith’s ridiculous alley-oop from Pablo Prigioni


#4 Knicks crush heat without Carmelo (or STAT, or Shump)

Analysis: The JR slam was astounding and electrifying. The look on Charles Barkley’s face during that Heat game was priceless. This could go either way.

Division 2

Matchup 3

#1 Iman Shumpert’s putback slam


#5 Kurt Thomas sacrifices body in final game of career to save the Knicks’ season


Analysis: Kurt’s moment was more noble and more important. Shump’s gravity-defying moment was more exciting, so the outcome of this matchup depends on what the fans are looking for in a “Knicks Moment”

Matchup 4

#2 Jason Kidd’s  game-winning 3 vs Nets


#3 JR Smith hits 2 buzzer beaters vs Charlotte, Phoenix.

Analysis: 2 is better than 1. But the Nets are better than the Suns and Bobcats combined, so this is a tough call.

Those are your matchups for the Knicks Highlights Quarterfinals! Cast your votes (and spread the word) before voting ends at the end of the day on July 25!

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