Metta World Peace Says He Will Leave The NBA… But The Knicks Might Get Him Anyway

By Tommy Rothman


ESPN sources quoted Metta World Peace as saying that he is not considering playing in the NBA next season. The recently amnestied Metta World Peace had said he was considering going to play for Yao Ming in China, or coaching somewhere, or even playing arena football. He talked about how he is too old to stay in the NBA, and he mentioned how his dream of playing with the Knicks has faded away over the years along with his youth. So the Knicks are no longer a possible destination for Metta, right? Wrong.

First of all, Metta World Peace is on waivers right now. Every team under the cap can bid on him until Sunday night, and World Peace does not want to be claimed by a rebuilding team. He could be doing this to scare away teams he does not want to play for. His interest in the Knicks, however, has been reported in recent days. If he clears waivers, he would be free to sign with the Knicks. Metta knows this, and he could just be trying to stop other teams from keeping him out of the Garden.

Second of all, Metta is a jokester, and nothing he says should be taken seriously. Earlier today, he was tweeting about retiring to play hockey… and in the process of doing so, he even dropped subtle hints about playing for the New York Knicks.

Never take anything Metta World Peace says at face value. Stay tuned. The former Ron Artest could still be headed to New York.


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