Knicks considering signing Nate, Brand, Barnes


Sources are reporting that there is mutual interest between the Knicks and free agents Nate Robinson, Elton Brand, and Matt Barnes. While Brand would likely be willing to take the minimum, Barnes could cost more and Nate would almost certainly demand most, if not all, of the Knicks $3.1 Million Midlevel Exception. While Brand seems like a strong candidate to join the roster, Nate still seems like a long shot (and signing him would likely signal the end of Chris Copeland’s days in New York, and maybe Pablo Prigioni’s as well). As for Barnes, he is the wild-card here. He might take the vet’s minimum, but he might get better offers elsewhere, and I am not sure if the Knicks would want to use their midlevel exception on him. More to come, stay tuned. -Tommy



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