JR Smith’s Wild Pre-game adventure: Knicks star goes clubbing before game 5

Smith still has to solve the Boston defense, but he won’t make these mistakes again.

By Ross Bernhardt (from Charged.FM)


Photo Credit: Whatspoppin.net

J.R. Smith clearly does not take the Boston Celtics seriously. He’s made that abundantly clear in his quotes after he was ejected in Game 3 for elbowing Jason Terry. He said if he hadn’t been suspended, he would be playing golf on Tuesday and not at practice. He was also busy not saying Terry’s name in interviews, kind of disregarding his existence.

Smith has also made that clear with some of his recent behavior off the court. Via WhatsPoppin, here are some photos of Smith out on Monday night at Griffin NYC:

The lead photo is of Smith out on Tuesday night at Pink Elephant, one of three night clubs he visited the night before Game 5. Below is video shot of him at one of the clubs:

Smith at the Club Video

And of course, we know what Smith did last night. He didn’t make his first field goal until there were two and a half minutes left in the game and was 0-10 from the field at one point.

It’s no secret that we at CHARGED.fm are Knicks and Nets homers. As weird as it may sound, these images and videos make me more confident that the Knicks are going to win the series. Smith obviously doesn’t respect Boston, but now after last night he and the rest of the team will head into Boston angry and pissed off. Smith should go into the game with an attack mode. Instead of settling for threes and long jumpers, expect him to attack the rim and force the issue in the lane like he did during his dominant stretch to close out the season. Those are the easy changes that J.R. can make, and now that there is some fire there, we might see it happen.

So these photos and videos? Whatever. Smith is going to put all of this stuff behind him up in Boston, and the Knicks are going to close this out in Game 6.

Article from Charged.FM


12 thoughts on “JR Smith’s Wild Pre-game adventure: Knicks star goes clubbing before game 5

  1. 30 Home Games

    Guys remember to take this with a grain of salt. The sports networks would obviously be reporting this juicy story. There were stories earlier this year about how JR Smith has toned down his partying and found some perspective, hence the 6th Man award.

    J.R. Smith credits success to less partying in NYC
    SAN ANTONIO — J.R. Smith took full advantage of living and playing in the city that never sleeps last season. But he admits he lived harder than he played.
    “I’m not going to lie, New York City nightlife last year pretty much got to me,” Smith said Thursday before the Knicks played the Spurs. “I was going out pretty much every other night, just not focused on the task at hand. This year is definitely different.”
    Smith said he’s staying in more and focusing more on basketball. He has matured, he said, because he doesn’t want to embarrass his family and wants to be more dependable.


    1. shuvatalkscheap

      Yet him asking for 10 mill plus after this season is supposedly justified? Its not just for us, its for his team. His contract could possibly get nullified for this behavior, typical JR. Could be one of the best 2G/SG in the game if someone could screw his head on tight enough for him to get his act in shape.


  2. Anonymous

    Really man !!! this nigga cannnot be serious he has to mature and focus on winning the championship not clubbing especially before playoff games this is sad if this is true!



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