New York Knicks Memes’ 50 Rules of Being a Knicks Fan



50 Rules of a Knicks Fan’s Household

By Tommy RothmanImage


  1. Thou shalt not bandwagon
  2. Thou shalt not desert thy team
  3. Thou shalt obey all men in the household, because men have balls, and balls don’t lie
  4. Thou shalt watch every game. You get 1 skip a year. Use it well
  5. Am I busy between 7 and 10? Yes. Unless you’re asking because you have an extra ticket.
  6.  Thou shalt Like “New York Knicks Memes”
  7. The game is on ESPN? Cool story. It’s also on MSG
  8. Thou shalt not sing the Friday Night Knicks song, for it is cursed
  9. Oh, you’re a Heat fan? I’m glad to hear that. Now I know not to associate myself with you.
  10. You want to have a conversation? That’s what halftime is for
  11. If Clyde tells a joke, you laugh
  12. Thou shalt know all 15 players on the roster
  13. The words “Isiah” and “Thomas” must be separated by at least 10 negative adjectives if they are to be used in the same sentence
  14. Thou shalt worship Carmelo Anthony as the Basketball Jesus
  15. Thou shalt not use Carmelo Anthony’s name in vain
  16. Thou shalt take 3 to the dome every single time the Knicks hit a 3
  17. Thou shalt do the belt every time Steve Novak hits a 3
  18. If you see a fellow Knicks fan, you must acknowledge them in some way
  19. If a Heat fan is walking towards you, don’t get out of his way. Stand your ground and take a charge
  20. There will be SILENCE when the Basketball Jesus is speaking
  21. Thou shalt not consume Honey Nut Cheerios
  22. Thou shalt not miss any game because of homework, ever! Due tomorrow = Do tomorrow
  23. Thou shalt recognize the flat-top
  24. Thou shalt recognize the goatee
  25. Thou shalt recognize Rasheed’s bald spot
  26. Hating the Nets is not encouraged. It is REQUIRED
  27. Thou shalt have New York Knicks Memes open on thy laptop during the game
  28. All compliments towards LeBron James must be backhanded
  29. Amar’e Stoudemire is the reason we put this team together. Thou shalt respect Amar’e Stoudemire
  30. Tyson Chandler is the heart and soul of this team. Thou shalt not insult Tyson Chandler
  31. Thou shalt cry a manly tear whenever Carmelo does something god-like
  32. Thou shalt scream “ARIBA” every time you steal the inbounds pass when playing NBA 2K
  33. If Steve Novak dunks, you turn off the TV, turn off the lights, wait in your dark bedroom, and hope the apocalypse is quick and painless
  34. Tyson Chandler is better than Brook Lopez. You must view this as a fact.
  35. Remember Allan Houston? Yes, you do.
  36. Thou shalt own a Knicks Jersey
  37. Thou shalt have at least 1 shrine to the Knicks in thy household
  38. Your marriage is just your side affair. Your true love is the Knicks
  39. Thou shalt not compliment Joey Crawford
  40. Thou shalt not boo unless the Knicks are asking for it
  41. Oh, I just woke you up by screaming after a basket? Well, you shouldn’t have fallen asleep during the game
  42. If Mike Woodson smiles, thou shalt take a picture. Pics or it didn’t happen.
  43. Thou shalt worship Flight White’s leaping abilities
  44. Thou shalt rep the #Knickstape
  45. Thou shalt taunt fans of other teams
  46. Thou shalt troll Nets and Heat pages
  47. Do not breathe when you are in the presence of Carmelo. The air belongs to him
  48. Thou shalt learn to live with the bad side of JR Smith
  49. Jason Kidd is the wise one. Thou shalt not insult his age
  50. Thou shalt Purchase “Zeroes” on your iTunes, because Iman Shumpert is featured on it.

9 thoughts on “New York Knicks Memes’ 50 Rules of Being a Knicks Fan

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  2. Emmett Laurie

    Insteead of the Zeroes thing it should be: “Thou shall download Iman Shumpert’s mixtape Th3 #Post90s.” For real he has some great songs. Like “progress” and “anarchy”


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