BREAKING: Knicks sign Quentin Richardson

Look who’s back



18 thoughts on “BREAKING: Knicks sign Quentin Richardson

  1. Anonymous

    smart pick up always been a solid defender and can hit the outside 3 and playoff experience will get a ton of open 3’s hope he in shape thou


  2. Andrew Azares

    the knicks have done a good job signing qrich for the reason that qrich also has been in the finals.. bringing him to the roster means that knicks want some expirience playing in the finals


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  4. Anonymous

    he actually is available for the playoffs for the knicks, i think this is a nice option for them as he plays good defense plus can shoot the 3 ball like every other knicks guard.


  5. Anonymous

    They just need players for the last game of the season so they don’t exhaust the bench players. Only 6 people played yesterday, plus Wallace for 3 minutes.



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