2015 NBA Mock Draft 1.0 (New York Knicks Memes)

New York Knicks Memes’ first 2015 Mock Draft


Ben writes: This mock was created the week of the lottery and represents what I think each team will do based on the best fit for their team. I have held back on explicitly saying a team will trade up or down, and therefore have selected for each team based on how a player fits THEM and not any other team. I will do another version of the draft in a few weeks after more player workouts and interviews occur.




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1 thought on “2015 NBA Mock Draft 1.0 (New York Knicks Memes)

  1. Berdj J. Rassam

    It doesn’t matter who the Knicks draft, they need some experienced and quality players on the team to bring it back to a playoff contender in the upcoming season.



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