Interview with Iman Shumpert (Via HD)

 Iman Shumpert talks playoffs, rehab and youth camp (Via HD)

Shump21Hardwood Diagnostic caught up with Knicks Guard Iman Shumpert at his second annual Westchester County Youth Basketball Camp!

Fresh off his first full playoff post-season, and solid sophomore campaign, Knicks G Iman Shumpert brought his basketball talents — and unsung coaching skills — to White Plains Middle School Tuesday morning, in preparation of his second annual Teaches Hoops Youth Basketball Camp.

The camp, an installment of the renowned Westchester County basketball instructive series, Teaches Hoops, brought out about 150 children (ages 7-16) seeking instruction from the emerging Knicks star.

On Tuesday, Shumpert met with the media to discuss his inspiration to create the youth camp, NBA finals, his rehab process and, of course, ’13-’14 Knicks hoops:

On goal of his annual camp:

“When I was little I actually didn’t come to any camp, I wish I would’ve came to camp and saw an NBA…I never got to, but it’s just about preaching that basketball is such a big help to a community, period. It’s a lifestyle and we want kids to come out here and work hard, and compete. You wanna preach that to the kids. Stay in school and keep on playing basketball because you could get to where us NBA players are at. A lot of people saw me working and playing basketball everyday and their like ‘it could only be 300 of you guys’.. they’ll try and diminish that dream from you and you just gotta come out here, compete everyday and perform.. I wanna preach that too them..”

On the Miami Heat:

“They won. I’m not gonna talk LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and the Miami Heat. They won the championship, seven games, great, I watched it.. it was cool and everything. I don’t wanna talk about it.”

On the Pacers:

“I just felt like we lost.. What they did on the other side (was what) they suppose to do. They went out there and focused to win games, we didn’t win enough games.”

On personal summer goals:

“I’m just working to get my handle tighter and looking to make decisions earlier.. I should have something consistent to put on the table every night.”

On Jason Kidd’s NYK departure for Brooklyn:

“It was great, it was great. Just to be able to know him, and congratulate him, it’s big for me. That was one of my favorite players growing up.. it was great for me to play on the same team as him.. and for me to see him make that transition from player to coach, in a couple of weeks, it was definitely cool for me… Jason knows we’re gonna come out there and beat him, we wanna compete. But I wish him the best of luck on his venture that way.”

On potential Knicks draft acquisitions:

“I don’t really mind. I feel like the Knicks do a great job making decisions. I’m not really up to be making those decisions so whatever they do, we just gotta mesh with”

On his knee rehabilitation:

“It feels great, I’m not thinking about it anymore. I feel like its long behind, me having that ACL tear. I’m happy with the things that I worked on while I was hurt, I feel like it brought a new aspect to my game. Now I’m just looking to come into next season all ready, [with] a clean slate, finally get a training camp under my belt so I’m excited for it.”

On NBA summer league:

“I just wanna come out there and work on myself. It was tough losing in the playoffs but I felt like I built sort of a foundation, and I just wanna build on that.. If I play any summer basketball — besides the summer league — I just want to work on my game and make sure I perfect my craft.”

On offensive potential:

“I don’t know, excited to find out though. Like I said, I just wanna come to summer league, work on my stuff. Next year I hope to pull a lot more out of my game.”

On second scoring option void, barring J.R. departure:

“I think I can. I’ve always accepted all challenges. I would just take that as another challenge.”

On Team USA snub:

“I mean, I wasn’t too much thinking about it. I took the loss in the playoffs pretty hard, so I wasn’t too much thinking about it. There’s always next year. Just a little bit of salt, but its like whatever. I really didn’t think it was that big a deal, until people started tweeting me and asking me about it but, I would have loved to go. Love to compete, love to help but.. they make their selections, I’m sure they weren’t trying to throw me under the bus.”

The Iman Shumpert Camp will conclude Friday June 28th. The next installment of the Teaches Basketball Camp will feature Knicks sharpshooting Forward, Steve Novak (July 15-19th), followed by Warriors All-Star Forward David Lee (August 5-9th), concluding with J.R. Smith (August 12-16th).

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