Knicks vs Bobcats Starting Lineup & Pre Game


PG Prigioni

SG Shumpert

SF White

PF Novak

C Copeland

Bench: Rasheed Wallace (Active)

Questionable: Jason Kidd (rest),

Doubtful: Raymond Felton (rest)

OUT: JR Smith (rest), Carmelo Anthony (shoulder, rest), Kenyon Martin (Knee), Tyson Chandler (neck), Marcus Camby (Old/Foot), Amar’e Stoudemire (Pretty much everything, probably).

This game means very little, aside from the fact that it could determine Home field advantage in the NBA finals if we play the Nuggets. But that’s not happening, so this game means nothing. As you can see, the rotation will consist of only a handful of players. Nothing to see here. Let’s just see how Rasheed looks, and keep a small amount of momentum. And if we lose, maybe that helps our draft pick a bit, right?


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