BE A WRITER FOR NewYorkKnicksMemes.Com !!!

Who wants to be a writer?


Please MESSAGE New York Knicks Memes on Facebook, filling out this form


  1. What is your favorite team?
  2. How old are you?
  3. What is your first language?
  4. Are you fluent in English?
  5. How good is your grammar?
  6. Are you a good writer?
  7. Do you have any sportswriting experience? (Send us links with examples)
  8. Pepsi or Coke? (Absolutely Required)
  9. Do you have any other skills we should know about (editing/design/ etc.)

10. Why should we pick you?

11. How often would you post?

12. Would you be fine with regularly EMAILING me articles to be posted instead of me adding you as an administrator of the WordPress blog?

13. Do you understand that, despite being a writer for, you would NOT be an admin of New York Knicks Memes on Facebook?

14. Do you have experience with website building?

15. Do you have experience with WordPress websites?

16. Could you help me set up an online store to sell t-shirts?

Fill out the answers in as detailed a manner as possible.

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About Tommy Rothman

Owner and Founder of the largest Knicks Fan Page on Facebook, New York Knicks Memes. Writer at the largest independent Mets site on the web, Sophomore at the University of Pennsylvania. Instagram: Twitter: @KnicksMemes

1 thought on “BE A WRITER FOR NewYorkKnicksMemes.Com !!!

  1. Ben Kabakow

    13 ( I bring the dry humor for kids)
    Yes, I am goodly in English
    I am very well at grammar
    Yes I write for my school and get straight A’s in LA
    I’m 13 so no
    Pepsi ( Mountain Dew)
    I sing…
    Pick me because I can post memes that kids my age will understand and enjoy
    I would post 3-4 times a week (school is tough)
    Yeah sure
    Totally, being a member of this would be sweet



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